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OCD therapist Ashley  Guerrier, Licensed Therapist, MS, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Ashley Guerrier

Licensed Therapist, MS, LMHC


I'll work with you to break down obsessions and intrusive thoughts into their separate parts, such as thoughts, physical feelings, and actions. After validating your hardships and commending you on your bravery to make a change, I'll have you identify and rank situations that may elicit the desire to act on your compulsions. We'll work on sitting with the discomfort of these situations until the need to engage in compulsions is reduced and your anxiety is no longer overwhelming. Outside of work, I've always been a pretty dedicated foodie and have traveled to several cities to try new food. A consistent favorite of mine is Latin cuisine.

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ERP allows you to see the progress you’re making in real time. It's an amazing feeling; I’m excited for you to experience it.

Get to know Ashley Guerrier

I wanted to become a therapist after I sought therapy for anxiety regarding self-doubt in my undergraduate career and academic future. My therapist validated my concerns about my future and normalized the transitional period I was in. Experiencing that level of acceptance, along with psychoeducation providing insight into the quarter-life crisis I was undergoing, empowered me to continue the path. I wanted to provide a similar affirming experience to individuals dealing with doubt, uncertainty, and discomfort that would allow them to live the lives they desire.

I wanted to expand the populations I'd be able to assist. I have a specialization history including anxiety, depression, and trauma disorders. Learning to effectively treat OCD and administer exposure and response prevention therapy would provide more tools to assist both current and future clients.

My background includes administering therapy to children and adolescents with autism spectrum disorder and working with adult mental health conditions including PTSD, generalized anxiety disorder, bipolar II disorder, and borderline personality disorder. I've also worked with individuals who've experienced domestic violence, focusing on the empowerment model to build self-efficacy and focusing on areas of control.

Things can be a bit scary at first. You may be treading some new territory, but you're 100% capable of seeing it through to the end. If you're willing to do the work in between sessions, you'll become healthier and more in control. ERP allows you to see the progress you’re making in real time. It's an amazing feeling; I’m excited for you to experience it.

I understand these thoughts are scary, intimidating, uncomfortable, and ultimately, not an indication of who you are. These thoughts in no way reveal your character or desires; they're the result of OCD. This is a judgment-free zone, and nothing you can say will scare me away.

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