Lisa Perry

Lisa Perry

Licensed Therapist, LPC • (She/Her)

Fordham University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I’ve been in the mental health space for over 20 years, and now I specialize in treating OCD. I have a wide range of experience, including my private practice, and have treated people for anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, and much more. I put my trust in well-researched methods, which is why I enjoy Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. Not only is ERP backed by research, but it’s been proven as an incredibly effective treatment for people dealing with OCD.


About Me

I strive to help you come up with strategies you can use in life. ERP allows me to do that by walking you through the steps on how to manage your OCD. It’s important to me that we establish good rapport and trust, so you can feel free to safely share your OCD experiences in confidence. With my decade of experience, there's nothing you can say that’ll change the way I think about you. The more I know about you and your fears, the better I can help. My goal is to empower you to find your best path through this life as you heal from past hurts and search for meaning, purpose, and direction. Let’s sort out what troubles you in healthy ways by uncovering your unique strengths. Together, we’ll work to put your OCD troubles behind you.

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What our members say about
Lisa Perry


Sep 07, 2021

I felt comfortable talking about what's going on with me with little fear of stigma.


Sep 15, 2021

Lisa is so knowledgeable and understanding!

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