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OCD therapist Anushka Fonseka, Licensed Therapist, MS, LPC, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Anushka Fonseka


Licensed Therapist, MS, LPC, NCC


I find the DIAMOND screening tool that we have in place to be a great tool determining if the individual has OCD. If so, building a fear response list and an exposure hierarchy is the standard method I follow to treat OCD. I like to work with individuals and listen to their needs when building this hierarchy. When I'm not doing therapy, I like to enjoy the warmer months outdoors doing activities like kayaking, cycling or hiking. Recently I have gotten into birdwatching. During the colder months I try to cross-country ski.

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NOCD has so many great resources—the app feature and peer support groups, in addition to ERP-trained therapists. I encourage any member to utilize those resources to the fullest, so they experience better outcomes.

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Anushka Fonseka


Jul 17, 2023

This was overall a good experience because I felt supported and understood on the message boards, through support groups and with the therapist and advocates. I would've liked to ease into therapy moreso because it felt a little rushed and it seemed I didn't have enough time to get comfortable with the therapist and acclimate to everything. I thought that I conveyed my hesitancy regarding ert but perhaps I didn't express that well enough. Ultimately, I didn't feel ready for ert. I had tried it previously at a different place that specializes in ocd and although it may have helped a little I didn't get the results I had hoped for despite dedicating a ton of time and energy into it. Unfortunately, this time around I was a bit leary and wasn't as prepared to dive into it as I had initially thought. I feel too as though my particular type of ocd (real event) that is the most problematic in my life is somewhat tricky to tackle with ert. Overall I think that this app is a great idea and is very beneficial to many who suffer from ocd. I'm just not sure it was a good fit for me because of my type of OCD and previous experience with ert.


Jun 12, 2023

I was very happy with the pace and flow of things

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