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OCD therapist Aaron Hensley, Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Aaron Hensley


Licensed Therapist, MSW, LCSW

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I treat people with OCD the same as I would treat someone without OCD. I treat you as an individual, with individual experiences, and individual needs. I view you as an expert on your OCD. Outside of work, I am a father to two daughters. I love binge-watching TV shows with my wife. When the weather is nice, you can always find my family at the park hiking or playing at the playground.

As someone who has personally struggled with repetitive behaviors, I know that your thoughts don’t define you—together, we can reach success. I love getting to the end of treatment, and celebrating the great strides the people I work with have made in overcoming OCD.

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What our members say about
Aaron Hensley


Nov 30, 2022

Aaron is like a very supportive friend at this point.. I really appreciate his help and his humor and understanding. Makes me feel heard without reassuring me.


Nov 22, 2022

Aaron was great. I look forward to getting to work.


Nov 16, 2022

Aaron is great! He is a true expert in OCD and is helping me feel seen and heard. I really appreciate the way he can communicate in a way that is helpful, calming, and educational.


Nov 15, 2022

I have noticed so much progress in just a couple of months. I was weary at first and worried therapy wouldn't work, but Aaron has been the most helpful person through it and it has been 100% worth the try.


Nov 14, 2022

My therapist is a great listener. He has a great willingness to help and is caring and professional. I am thankful I am receiving treatment and direction navigating OCD and the depression that co-exists alongside OCD.


Nov 09, 2022

I have noticed I've made so much progress in just a couple of months. Aaron is always approachable and knows how to do ERP in a way that works for me.


Nov 07, 2022

Aaron did an excellent job of listening and hearing what I was saying. He was spot on recapping my current situation.


Oct 28, 2022

Aaron really makes me feel seen and not crazy. Like I’m not alone. He makes me feel like a good person without giving in time my compulsion of reassurance or checking. I highly recommend him and I’m excited(albeit nervous) to start ERP but I feel like his approach is gentle.


Oct 27, 2022

There were multiple points wherein I wondered whether or not my therapist was actually listening to me- sometimes, it was silent for a long time after I finished speaking, and then I was only affirmed with an “ok” from him. I also noticed that there were points in which he wasn’t making eye contact with me and was actually looking at a different screen while I was talking.


Oct 19, 2022

Aaron is always there for me however I may need. I’m very appreciative


Oct 19, 2022

Never felt so heard. Aaron did a great job at listening and really getting to the root of my ocd. I’m hopeful that things are going to get better!


Sep 12, 2022

I felt like he understood me and I really trust that he will guide me in the right direction with therapy and healing.


Sep 02, 2022

Aaron is always willing to listen and really cares about his patients.


Sep 01, 2022

Sessions with Aaron are very insightful. He brings me back down to reality and I am optimistic in becoming a happier self.


Aug 14, 2022

Aaron helped clarify I was in the right place after having feelings that my prior therapist was not right for me. I am looking forward to working with him.


Aug 11, 2022

I had a great first session and I am excited to continue!


Aug 03, 2022

Not too optimistic for recovery but it’s not Aaron’s fault


Jul 08, 2022

I felt seen and heard, and he gently encouraged continuing with ERP while really respecting my feelings and current situation as I go through a really difficult time


Jun 24, 2022

Super friendly and relatable


Jun 23, 2022

Aaron helped Zach with his first exposure session. As Zach's mom, I looking forward to Zach's growth with the ERP.


Jun 12, 2022

my therapist is great and takes the time with me, i’ve never had any in depth therapy for OCD but i’m so glad i found it!

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