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OCD therapist Kelly Fallon, Licensed Therapist, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Kelly Fallon


Licensed Therapist, LMHC


I have OCD and had experiences with ineffective treatment. After going through that, then learning about ERP and seeing what a huge difference it made, I wanted to specialize in it. I have a really deep understanding of OCD that a lot of people don't, because of my lived experience.

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There's just no way to manage OCD long term, without accepting the thoughts and deciding that you're just going to live your life anyway. It's hard. It's a lot of hard work. But it's so worth it, to get your life back.

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What our members say about
Kelly Fallon


Aug 28, 2023

Kelly is the best and I’m so grateful to have her as my therapist. This is the KK fest I have ever stayed in therapy and committed to getting help for my OCD


Aug 26, 2023

Grateful for support. I have learned response prevention, done exposures, and have stopped seeking reassurance, all because of Kelly's therapy. ❤️


Jul 26, 2023

My therapist and I have built the most trusting relationship where I can share from deep within. The things I always felt so ashamed to share have now been brought to the service. The freedom in speaking what is really within my mind with no fear of being judged or committed, is the way to becoming my best. To learn others felt this way or had the same thoughts. I have never had a therapist who has brought substance to our talks. Thank you times a million


Jul 18, 2023

I have never known life without OCD, unfortunately it is one of my first memories counting so my mom would be ok. I have been inpatient and outpatient numerous times with never anything to take and use as a tool. It was frustration a lot of the times being scared to talk about my intrusive thoughts and never feeling understood. I decided to try NOCD and at first I thought negatively that I was just going to be back to feeling frustrated but I was wrong, my therapist and all the tools the app has helped me break free of intrusive thoughts. Thru ERP and deep discussions I’m on my way to managing it. Taking the first step was extremely uncomfortable, I was scared to share but my therapist created a safe environment, I feel I’m heard, I have input into my care plan and most of all I’m growing. I am 48 years old and never did I think I could be where I have come today. I can say it’s a good day! Thank you to Nocd!


Jul 12, 2023

Kelly is absolutely the best, I am recovering from one of the worst OCD I have had in my life. We discuss in detail the steps of letting thoughts go and not giving them my attention. I learned so much in the past 5 months than I have in any other therapy. I know I made the right choice when looking for help and understanding of OCD. It’s part of me I accept that and it’s not going away, I always avoided it by compulsions. I am tired of wasting time on compulsions it steals your life. I don’t want to live in the false security of compulsions but to live in freedom. Kelly helps me get there!


Jun 21, 2023

Kelly is absolutely the best, she actively listens, she asks questions that get me to think and helps me reframe situations. The resources and homework she provides are great. From coping statements, to get a morning routine and confronting my fears in a way that I thought I never could. OCD is debilitating, it takes over my day and it’s draining but learning, being supported if I fail, understanding is so important to me. She gets that!


May 24, 2023

Another fantastic session! Being able to share the details with Kelly about my compulsions or thoughts has lead me to understanding how OCD effects me. She explains in a way that I understand. Not talking above me but to me. Not telling me what to do but how to see the compulsion or obsession differently in turn I think differently which is how I’m making so much progress!


May 19, 2023

I have never got so much out of therapy! I usually get frustrated at this point and quit going but with Kelly I look forward to going every week! She is amazing!


Mar 27, 2023

Kelly listens, her insight is changing how I view OCD which I now treat as a part of me not my whole identity. She clearly distinguishes what OCD is and not, than we address fear response Towards the fear. I walked in and out of a store without fear of the store person accusing me of stealing because I did not buy something. I did it! Kelli is helping me and this is the first time I have ever felt hopeful of conquering my compulsions


Mar 27, 2023

Kelly genuinely cares and makes me feel like valued. I do not feel dismissed. I am grateful to have met her and I know I have only been able to do exposure therapy and overcome this because of how she was able to explain OCD to me.


Mar 03, 2023

This was the best session in therapy I ever had. She asked questions, they got me thinking and I was able to go within instead of superficial. Im still thinking what we discussed.


Feb 25, 2023

I felt she heard me, understood me and felt safe I could share the deepest of my thoughts. She genuinely wants to help me.


Apr 14, 2022

I really appreciate Kelly! She is warm, understanding, accountable and patient!

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