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OCD therapist Darilyn McElfresh, Licensed Therapist, MS, LMFT, Licensed OCD Therapist

Darilyn McElfresh

Licensed Therapist, MS, LMFT


As a therapist, first and foremost, I believe in meeting you where you're at. I can have a plan, but that means nothing without understanding where you are. That will help us navigate where to go and how to prioritize. A fun fact about me: I have a dog named Emma. She's a Scoodle (Scottie and poodle mix). Chances are you'll hear her at some point, because she's usually under my desk. I'm kind of her emotional support human.

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You are courageous for taking the first step towards getting help. That is a highly vulnerable act. But you’ll have a lot of power in our sessions. You set the pace and decide what you’re ready for.

Get to know Darilyn McElfresh

My grandfather was an uncertified therapist back in the day. At that time, psychology was in its infancy and the field had yet to be developed. Therapy was something that came naturally to me, and before I even knew what it was, I was doing it. My mother and I went to a “career day” event and that's where the dots connected for me. I learned about psychology, and life suddenly made sense. The aspect of my job I find most gratifying is face-to-face time. There are so many hats you wear as a therapist, especially in private practice. My favorite part, hands down, is being able to crawl into the trenches with someone and learn what it might feel like to walk in their shoes. It is humbling.

ERP is such an effective treatment; it is such a game-changing intervention. I often describe ERP in the setting of a child’s bedroom who is scared of the dark. If the child fears monsters are in the closet or under the bed, they will continue to be scared until they look. Of course, they will try other tactics before that—like calling mom or dad, going to the parents' room, crawling into bed with a sibling, or leaving a light on. All of those strategies pale in comparison to facing the fear head-on and taking a look for themselves.

I have a private practice with an emphasis in treating sexually related issues. This ranges from treating people in the LGBTQ+ community, to relationship issues, trauma, and education.

You are courageous for taking the first step towards getting help. That is a highly vulnerable act. It means having to acknowledge there is a problem. But the member has a lot of power in session. They set the pace and decide what they are ready for.

Share that with me. The therapist has to be able to meet the member where they are at. The therapist is here to help the member live in their truth and be able to confidently have a voice. Everyone gets scared—that is normal.

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  • Beacon Health (Medi-cal)
  • Magellan
  • Kaiser - Northern California Region
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What our members say about
Darilyn McElfresh


Dec 21, 2023

Love her and the way she takes the time to describe everything in a way that resonates with me and breaks things down so that I understand and can move forward in ocd treatment and life.


Oct 12, 2023

Darilyn is the best therapist I've had, and I've had years of therapy experience.


Mar 23, 2023

Love my therapist


Feb 10, 2023

This is scary for me. But so far so good!


Feb 10, 2023

She was very helpful, kind and empathic. Great rapport


Jan 26, 2023

She's a truly wonderful therapist who cares deeply about helping her patients. She goes above and beyond both in sessions and in between sessions to make sure that I always know there is someone there to help.


Jan 05, 2023

I am experiencing notable insight and relief with Darilyn. She is a great match and I am very happy I was referred and matched with her.


Nov 21, 2022

Always incredible and caring. Truly the best provider I’ve ever had.


Sep 27, 2022

Darilyn has been the most helpful therapist I’ve ever had- so much so that I have ‘graduated.’ I am grateful to have had OCD treatment with her. She was direct, professional, educated… and more than anything - I enjoyed the metaphors she gave, as it benefited me greatly in recognizing OCD in a relatable way. Thank you, Darilyn.


Sep 01, 2022

Everything is always perfect! She’s incredibly caring and goes above and beyond what any therapist has ever done for me. I’m incredibly lucky to have her and I hope NOCD knows what a gem they have on their team as well.


Aug 18, 2022

I love meeting with Darilyn! She is very empathetic and kind and takes her time to help me understand how I can reduce my symptoms. She's one of the best therapists I've met with, and I've seen a few!


Aug 05, 2022

She was very nice and understanding. I feel optimistic and less stressed after our session. I would like to continue seeing her.


Aug 02, 2022

I had the best experience and felt very understood and comfortable. She is funny and really makes this process easy and safe.


Jan 21, 2022

Darilyn Shano is always HUGELY helpful. I've worked with a handful of mental health specialists and none have been as compassionate and understanding as her. She listens to what I'm saying and, if I'm having a particularly difficult week, she always finds a way to tweak our goals in a way that continues our progress but also addresses whatever my struggles may be. She is process oriented and not product oriented. I feel immensely supported and optimistic thanks to her.

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