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OCD therapist Lauren Lake, Licensed Therapist, LCPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Lauren Lake


Licensed Therapist, LCPC

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Before working with NOCD, I treated people at an outpatient mental health clinic for many mental health issues, including OCD. I also worked at a non-profit organization offering assistance to those in need. Helping people achieve their goals and get better is part of my journey. I know you may be feeling scared or apprehensive, but I know we can work together to tackle your fears and teach you how to manage them. I also have experience as a client of therapy, so I know exactly what it feels like to be on the other side of treatment. You’ll find me to be a great listener, fully engaged with a calming presence. I’m driven to produce results, and using ERP allows me to get those results for you. Let’s work together to put your OCD troubles behind you.

Therapy can be a very scary experience for some and it takes a lot of courage to reach out and seek support, and I commend you for doing so.

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What our members say about
Lauren Lake


Jan 25, 2023

My therapist is very knowledgeable about the disorder.


Jan 23, 2023

I really like Lauren and I would love to have her again. With scheduling it might not work, but I am glad I had my first session with her.


Oct 11, 2022

Lauren is creative, friendly, enthusiastic and thorough. I feel like she cares about my success and I trust she can help me get there. I see big improvements already. Thank you, Lauren!


Jun 08, 2022

She’s very sweet and very calm. It makes for a very calm learning and therapeutic environment, even at home! She’s dedicated to helping me and truly listens and wants what is best for you!


Apr 21, 2022

Excellent therapist!


Mar 15, 2022

Lauren is so patient and really does her best to help me identify my mental compulsions. I know I’m a tough case and it will take time, but I’m hopeful Lauren can help me get there. She’s great!


Jan 05, 2022

Still very unsure of everything at the moment I still feel unsure that this will help but as time goes on hopefully I’ll feel more confident


Dec 16, 2021

Great session. Exposure and Response is the way to go.

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