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OCD therapist Leah Kawleski, Licensed Therapist, MA, LPCC, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Leah Kawleski


Licensed Therapist, MA, LPCC, LPC


I want therapy with me to feel warm, inviting, and conversational. But I'll also be firm enough to support you with the hard tasks they're doing. Outside of work, I have a one-and-a-half-year-old and a four-month-old, and I love listening to true crime podcasts when I have the time.

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The amount of change people were able to achieve in their lives through ERP is huge. I love seeing people make little gains to reclaim their lives—like getting out and doing things with friends again, or whatever they've been missing out on because of OCD.

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What our members say about
Leah Kawleski


Feb 22, 2024

I have too many great things to say! I’ve been working with Leah for a little over a year and I’ve been more than satisfied with my progress. I have had an 84% reduction in OCD symptoms and have so much more of my life back. I couldn’t be grateful for this platform and to have found her. I wish everyone nothing, but success on their journey in therapy. Everyone deserves it!


Dec 15, 2023

Before and after a session, is like night and day.


Nov 30, 2023

Leah Kawleski is highly skilled, responsive to my child's needs, and frames it all within our family dynamics. She is thoughtful, resourceful, and also manages to make us smile during the toughest moments.


Nov 10, 2023

I love Leah, I feel like she’s my built in friend and therapist. We are always coming up with new ways to challenge ocd and I am very happy with my progress while I’ve been working with her.


Nov 02, 2023

Leah Kawleski really is phenomenal at what she does. She listens, picks up on non-verbal cues from my child, and is always insightful and supportive.


Sep 29, 2023

Leah Kawleski is a God send for our whole family. She sees and appreciates my child for who she is, knows how hard to push her and when. Our journey has been made more manageable because of her knowledge, expertise, and kindness.


Sep 24, 2023

Also it was only a little bit of time she is very helpful


Aug 31, 2023

Another day getting it done! It is really helpful to work through chores and things that have been difficult for me during session. A two in one!


Aug 18, 2023

Fantastic session with Leah


Aug 17, 2023

Never have nothing but positive feedback for Leah! She knows how to hold me accountable and also motivates me in fun way. Sessions go by fast with her support!


Aug 17, 2023

She is amazing. Listens, cares and has great feedback.


Aug 11, 2023

Leah was extraordinarily helpful and supportive in our session today.


Aug 02, 2023

Leah is the best. After months of working together it’s always a pleasure to have session and something I look forward to. She is empathic, but also continues to challenge me.


May 25, 2023

Leah Kawleski is phenomenal at what she does. I don't know what our family would do without her!


May 16, 2023

She is so very kind and very knowledgeable about OCD. I always look forward to meeting with her, even if our work sometimes involves facing personal fears.


Mar 06, 2023

Felt like it was more informative than therapeutic. Not sure if this is helpful for me.


Feb 02, 2023

Dr. Leah is just fantastic. She sees and understands my child and manages to always engage her somehow. She is also very supportive and empathetic towards me as her parent.


Jan 05, 2023

Leah is masterful at engaging my daughter. She is respectful and really sees her.


Dec 22, 2022

She was nice and very helpful


Dec 02, 2022

Leah was amazing. She was friendly and managed to engage with my child very well. She was masterful at getting her to open up and answer difficult questions. She was also very reassuring to me as a parent.


Nov 22, 2022

Leah is so great. She is patient and smiling all the time with positive energy. She enpowers the whole family.


Nov 15, 2022

Very informative and helpful. She makes us feel like she cares.


Oct 26, 2022

Seemed very knowledgeable, and good with kids.

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