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OCD therapist Mary Davis-Harfst, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, LCSW-C, ACSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Mary Davis-Harfst

Licensed Therapist, LCSW, LCSW-C, ACSW


You may have learned that OCD can be extremely time-consuming and takes away your energy. The obsessions and compulsions cause significant emotional distress as it interferes with your day-to-day responsibilities and relationships. OCD is also treatable, and with the right guidance, you can learn to manage it. I can teach you how. It brings me great joy when people tell me how far they’ve come in such a short period of time using ERP therapy. People have said that I conduct sessions with compassion, understanding and acceptance. As your therapist, I will be here to support and encourage you through the entire process. Together, we can overcome your OCD.

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What our members say about
Mary Davis-Harfst


Mar 25, 2024

I've had an uptick in some symptoms but have used ERP to help and I'm much better off than when I started because of the skills that Mary has taught me and the compassion that she has shown. I appreciate you! Mary!


Nov 13, 2023

Mary continues to be excellent. She is supportive and also makes sure that I am working on ERP. I am handling life stress so much better!


Oct 03, 2023

I love Mary! She is down to earth and doesn't let me get away with avoidance during ERP. That's why I've gotten better quickly


Sep 19, 2023

Help navigate compulsions and masked ocd symptoms


Aug 31, 2023

Really hard session today but Mary is helping me understand how ERP will get rid of OCD


Aug 17, 2023

Mary is excellent. I've learned so much in a very short time


Aug 02, 2023

Mary is patient, good balance of firm and still kind.


Jun 07, 2023

Mary was very helpful to me in understanding what I am dealing. with and had excellent advice Thanks again Mary


May 02, 2023

I feel so much better after just 1-2 months. I feel like there is so much more I can do and I have seen myself do things that I didn't think I could. She has so much experience and stories to share. ERP therapy was exactly what I didn't know I needed. Mary met my working style and was straightforward in the next step. Every time I met with her I made progress and I have improved my quality of life in a drastic way. She watched me in the ERP and noticed/said the right things to get me to where I am today. Thanks Mary!


Mar 15, 2023

Mary has been patient and so helpful as she's walked with me through the struggle of OCD.


Feb 15, 2023

I started this about 4 months ago and I was in a very dark place, today I could say that I felt fantastic, it's unbelievable.


Feb 01, 2023

Mary is a amazing therapist, I've seen quite a few. She understands and seems to know exactly what is going on in my head, and is able to untangle it.


Jan 30, 2023

Mary has helped me immeasurably. I have learned so much about OCD from her and the benefits of ERP. My default is to resist ERP. While never forcing me to do something, she can be very persuasive and persistent in the benefit that will be achieved if I do the ERP. When I am too hard on myself she will show tremendous compassion with the struggle that OCD can present.


Jan 30, 2023

Top notch therapist! She has really opened my eyes on how to approach my OCD. I was doing it wrong for many years! So glad I have the right tools now.


Jan 12, 2023

She’s a great person with a lot of personality. She cares a lot & at the core wants me to feel better.


Dec 15, 2022

Great structure for the rest of the meetings in the future.


Nov 01, 2022

Mary is the perfect combination of thoughtful directness and being supportive and optimistic in my ability to tackle OCD. She knows what she’s doing. Superb therapist.


Oct 19, 2022

She seems like someone that can get me through this


Sep 27, 2022

Can't say a whole lot it was more of an intake than therapy, but really looking forward to the outcome


May 25, 2022

NOCD and Mary have absolutely revolutionized my life. Therapy has allowed me to take back my life. I am actually living, doing things I enjoy with the people I love with minimal disruption from my intrusive thoughts. I was buried under my OCD for so long, and I finally feel like I have come up for air. I am getting to know this different version of myself, and I cannot tell you how liberating it is to know that life outside of OCD exists and is beautiful.


May 02, 2022

Mary is amazing. She is the best, get appointment today if you can. She’s helped me through some tough times and i thank her and NOCD for everything they have/ are doing.


Jan 20, 2022

Mary is the perfect at helping me see which direction is OCD based, and what direction is reality based.


Dec 21, 2021

She was firm and held me accountable for getting off track with my ERP, but she was fair. She was exactly what i needed to hear.

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