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OCD therapist Sean McNally, Licensed Therapist, MMFC, MFT, Licensed OCD Therapist

Sean McNally

Licensed Therapist, MMFC, MFT

Pre-license number: 06-P124413-01

Under the supervision of Sara Kucker


My approach to treating OCD is to use exposure and response prevention techniques while holding an empathetic and non-judgmental posture. This gives us a clear roadmap to follow as we work to interrupt the OCD cycle. Together, we'll examine the obsessions and compulsions you're experiencing, identify your core fears, and create a hierarchy of exposures. I genuinely feel so hopeful about this work—it will empower you to create new neural pathways and break free from OCD. When I'm not doing therapy, I enjoy cycling, playing bass guitar, shooting film photography, and spending time in nature with my family.

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My aim is to help alleviate your distress and empower you to develop a life you love.

Get to know Sean McNally

I love being a therapist because therapy is an incredible blend of art and science. I appreciate having the opportunity to utilize both in my practice. A high level of research supports the evidence-based interventions I use. I enjoy learning all the science behind what makes therapy work. Additionally, I love that each person requires a unique treatment plan; it's a creative and even artistic expression therapist and member create together. In therapy, I provide a safe, warm, and welcoming space for you to be honest and authentic. My aim is to help alleviate your distress and empower you to develop a life you love.

I'm a therapist who's passionate about helping people feel seen, understood, and helped. OCD is commonly misunderstood, both in the culture at large and the psychotherapy community. This can leave individuals who are struggling with OCD feeling misunderstood and isolated. I know how painful that experience can be. I've chosen to specialize in treating OCD to help people find healing and hope for their future.

In addition to OCD, I focus on anxiety and depression. These are the three most common challenges that cause people to feel stuck in life. All three can be treated with evidence-based interventions that provide a clear path for therapist and member to follow.

I genuinely understand how vulnerable it can feel to begin working with a new therapist. If you're feeling both hopeful and nervous, that makes sense. All I ask is that you be as honest and authentic as possible about what brings you to therapy. Trust that I and the clinical team here at NOCD can guide you to the best possible resources and therapeutic treatment. We will always strive to be on your team. Your care is our highest priority.

If you're feeling afraid to share your thoughts with me, the best thing you can do is tell me. I'll remind you that our therapy session is a safe space: I'll meet your thoughts with compassion, and you and I will collaboratively decide which thoughts feel like adequate places to begin. I'll provide the structure and direction we'll pursue during our sessions. You'll decide how fast or slow we'll go, based on what you're ready to accomplish.

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