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OCD therapist Makayla Gerhardt, Licensed Therapist, LMHC, LPCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Makayla Gerhardt


Licensed Therapist, LMHC, LPCC


My first priority as a therapist is to build trust. I know the thoughts you're having might be distressing. You can tell me anything. I won't judge you, and I will meet you where you're at, as an individual. Some fun facts about me: Every week, I get a Netflix DVD—yes, a physical DVD—sent to me. I love cinema. I also love watching The Price Is Right. I think I'm an older woman inside.

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You are welcome here, and you're accepted, however you come. No obstacle is too big to overcome. There's always more to learn, and that's something we can do together.

Get to know Makayla Gerhardt

I used to work in high-end sales, selling clothing and suits. I really loved the dynamic of talking to people. But I kept noticing that people had a whole lot more going on. I wanted to be able to do more to help. Also, I'm a survivor myself. Domestic violence survivors really brought me to counseling and helped me decide it was something I wanted to do.

Working in a private practice, I encountered a lot of people with OCD. I've noticed we all live in our heads to some extent. I think that when you can talk with people and help validate or challenge their thinking and behaviors, it's a really effective way to help them get better.

I've worked with anxiety and depression, and I have a lot of experience working with trauma. I have an EMDR specialty and have worked a lot with grief as well.

You are welcome here, and you're accepted, however you come. No obstacle is too big to overcome. There's always more to learn, and that's something we can do together.

Sometimes, when you're afraid to share, it can help to get to know the person you're talking with and find out more about them. When someone else is sharing vulnerable things with you, it can help you feel like you're not the only one in the spotlight. Take it at your own pace. No one says you need to come in guns blazing in your first session and tell me everything. I like to give you the opportunity to show you that you can trust me.

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New Hampshire
New York

What our members say about
Makayla Gerhardt


Mar 19, 2024

Makayla is easy-going and understanding. :)


Jan 11, 2024

I am making progress in some areas and still challenged in others


Sep 12, 2023

I felt like we accomplished a lot. I was able to talk with her about all the things I had written down to her address. Most of the suggestions she gave me were applicable and I felt I will be able to use. I look forward to continuing.


Aug 28, 2023

I was a bit nervous about doing a first session as those can be overwhelming since there is a lot of background/history that needs to be covered. My therapist skillfully navigated the in-take process! I didn't feel overwhelmed or uncomfortable recounting my life story. More importantly, I look forward to the following sessions!


Jul 18, 2023

I struggled so much before finding out about NOCD. This was my saving grace. My therapist was amazing and so helpful. She taught me so many techniques to get my mind under control. I recommend this program highly.


Jul 11, 2023

I feel really connected to her!


Jul 05, 2023

I love my therapist! She is awesome! I'm really looking forward to continued sessions with her!


Jun 20, 2023

Makayla is an excellent skilled clinician, she has taught me invaluable tools and her approach is compassionate, nuanced and filled with appropriate humor (which is so helpful with a disorder that often negatively distorts our worldview). I highly recommend her and NOCD to treat this condition.


May 02, 2023

Makayla is awesome! A great first session.


Apr 26, 2023

I love her


Apr 19, 2023

She’s great


Mar 16, 2023

Such an amazing session! Incredible first impression.


Mar 02, 2023

Makayla is the best <3 !!!!


Jan 17, 2023

Love makayla


Jan 03, 2023

Makayla is an amazing therapist she truly cares about her patients. It feels very authentic working with her.


Sep 08, 2022

Makayla was real. I felt like talking with her was safe and easy, even when the subjects were difficult.

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