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OCD therapist Jenny  Starosta, Licensed Therapist, PhD, Licensed OCD Therapist

Jenny Starosta

Licensed Therapist, PhD


I take a practical approach to most things, and treating OCD is no different. I use exposure response prevention (ERP) because it has been demonstrated to be the most effective. So why wouldn’t I want to use the best tool we have to treat OCD? Outside of work, I love to ride horses (English hunt seat), watch movies, and travel around the world. A fun fact about me: I never owned my own horse, but I was in a national horse trivia competition when I was in high school.

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Therapy at NOCD is work, but there is a true positive outcome.

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I think humans are interesting and amazing, and being a therapist is the best job I know to keep learning about us. Our experiences in this world are so varied, but our needs for safety, belonging, and well-being are universal. I had the good luck to be born into a stable and loving family, and to have curiosity, creativity, and intelligence. I want to use the resources I've been given to help others thrive.

I found more and more often people I worked with had symptoms of OCD that were ignored, misdiagnosed, or inadequately treated. As much as they worked on alleviating their symptoms, they weren't able to get real relief. I wanted to find a way to help that would get to the root of the symptoms and make an effective difference.

I have two other areas of specialty: Maternal mental health and helping people understand and cope with neurodivergence. In one area of my practice, I work to help mothers cope with issues like infertility, miscarriage, fetal loss or stillbirth, pre- or postpartum depression and anxiety, and parenting issues. In another area of my practice, I evaluate and help people cope with neurodivergent issues around ADHD and autism spectrum disorder, either in themselves or in their children.

ERP does take work, and it is uncomfortable, but that doesn't mean it is bad. We understand that we'll be sore after a hard workout, that we might have to undergo pain to get medical treatment that saves our life, and that we have to train or practice to get better at any task. Therapy at NOCD is work, but there is a true positive outcome. Remember: You wouldn’t be coming into NOCD if you weren’t already distressed, and the temporary stress of therapy will help you improve.

It’s OK to tell me you're afraid to share your thoughts. That doesn’t mean I'll insist that you share them. We can work on getting to a place where you trust me and feel more comfortable, and you can decide when you're ready.

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New Jersey

What our members say about
Jenny Starosta


Apr 12, 2024

Jenny Starosta is an amazing therapist. Every session is a terrific learning experience for me.


Feb 07, 2024

I feel super excited about the progress I have made last 2.5 months. I am so fortunate to have such a wonderful and supportive therapist in Jenny Starosta. We make a great team.


Jan 24, 2024

Like I mentioned in our session today I feel like I finally met “my people!”

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