Obsessive compulsive disorder - OCD treatment and therapy from NOCD
OCD therapist Donna Gupta, Resident in Counseling, Licensed OCD Therapist

Donna Gupta

Resident in Counseling

Pre-license number: 0704016074

Under the supervision of Mary Beth Overstreet


My approach to treating OCD is empathetic and open. Empathy is my biggest priority in treatment, because it allows me to sit with each person using the most sensitive approach, giving them the space to feel safe and understood. Outside of being a therapist, I love doing nails. I have my own nail business and love to be able to meet new people and help them find their confidence with fun designs and colors. I also have two wonderful kitties that never fail to keep me entertained with their craziness and cuddles.

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My goal is to guide and support you throughout treatment, giving you those pats on the back you deserve.

Get to know Donna Gupta

I grew up in a household that dismissed mental health because of cultural stigma that mental health 'isn’t a real problem.' I went a long time without a proper diagnosis of ADHD and anxiety, which led to many unnecessary challenges. Being able to use my experiences to help others is why I am a therapist. I want to advocate for those seeking support and use my skills and understanding to help people find the stability and comfort they deserve.

As someone who struggles with anxiety, I’ve seen OCD symptoms in myself that have gone untreated and I don’t want that experience for others. I want to be a competent therapist who can use my OCD training and skills to give others the proper treatment so they can live their lives to the fullest.

I have experience with substance use disorders as well as dual-diagnosis and trauma-related disorders. I've also worked with a wide variety of age groups who have suffered from personality, psychotic, and mood disorders. I’ve had the privilege of working in IOP/PHP and residential settings, which has given me experience with different levels of care, allowing me to get to know people in many diverse scopes of life.

This can be challenging, but the rewards are worth the hard work. This may be an intimidating or scary journey at times, and I’m proud of you for preparing for it. As you go through this, know that you will find comfort in being uncomfortable. My goal is to guide and support you throughout treatment, giving you those pats on the back you deserve.

I understand intrusive thoughts are scary. I’m here to support you in breaking down these walls, without judgment. I want to provide you with the safest environment I can and allow you to open up at your own pace. It can be intimidating to share the deepest parts of you with someone else. Be patient with yourself, and know I’ll always be patient with you.

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