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OCD therapist Lynn Young, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Lynn Young


Licensed Therapist, LCSW


In treating OCD, I incorporate mindfulness skills into ERP. I come from a motivational background, so self-compassion is really important to me. In my spare time, I love taking vacations. Any extra time and money I have goes toward cruises, particularly to Mexico.

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Don't wait until you're ready. Just get started. Take the first step. Meet with a therapist. OCD doesn't get better on its own. I love seeing people change. It brings me energy and joy. I look forward to helping you see life-changing results.

Get to know Lynn Young

Anxiety runs in my family. I use therapy tools, especially mindfulness tools, to improve my own life and mental health. I believe in these tools. They work. I use them every day. I love seeing people change. It brings me energy and joy. I love working for NOCD because I get to see change on a daily basis.

It's an underserved condition. I love that NOCD has made ERP accessible to everyone who needs it. I see changes every day through ERP, which is different from settings I've worked in previously. In other places, a person might come in with OCD, and we would scramble to figure out who could do ERP with them. Getting people connected to a qualified therapist was so difficult, and nobody took insurance. I love the variety of people I get to see at NOCD, including people who really didn't have access to therapy before.

My background is in child welfare, so I have a lot of experience with childhood trauma. I can definitely help people whose trauma intersects with OCD.

Don't wait until you're ready. Just get started. Take the first step. Meet with a therapist. OCD doesn't get better on its own. Some people think OCD is going to get worse if they start treatment, and that is just not true. Even if you're scared it's going to get worse, I would still get started.

Know that OCD therapists have heard it all. Especially me. I've worked in a variety of backgrounds. There's really nothing that in terms of obsessions that I haven't heard. What I've learned is that the content of your obsessions does not matter. OCD loves to attach shame to certain obsessions, and we can work around that.

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What our members say about
Lynn Young


Aug 31, 2023

Lynn is so great, I appreciate her being there for me with all the stuff going on in my life and helping me manage my ocd. I feel supported and thankful.


Mar 30, 2023

I appreciate Lynn so much and her walking this road of recovery with me, she is a blessing!💝


Jun 23, 2022

I learned so much from my therapist today and I feel so optimistic


Feb 17, 2022

Lynn is wonderful, compassionate and kind, such a blessing!💝


Dec 04, 2021

Lynn understands me so well and is a compassionate and careful listener.

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