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OCD therapist Georgiana Coffman, Licensed Therapist, LICSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Georgiana Coffman


Licensed Therapist, LICSW

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I want to give you the freedom to be yourself and bring your personality into treatment, to make this journey your own. We will work together to build trust, achieve a higher comfort level, and build up to those things that might be less comfortable to talk about. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling and playing video games with my son. I particularly love all things Marvel. Anytime there's a Comic Con, I'm there.

OCD treatment is a journey, but it's a positive journey. As your therapist, I’m here for you. You are not alone. OCD really is more common than it seems.

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What our members say about
Georgiana Coffman


May 23, 2023



May 18, 2023

I felt like I could talk about everything and we laughed some and it was nice.


May 18, 2023

Awesome, as always!!! Georgiana is the best 💕


May 11, 2023

She is absolutely the best!!


May 09, 2023

Amazing, as usual!!


May 05, 2023

She is a good friend that I trust to keep my secrets. It can be stressful to think about our talks but when we meet I am relaxed


May 04, 2023

So good!!! Very knowledgeable and on target. I am making lots of progress!!!!


May 03, 2023

Georgiana is fantastic. She is so compassionate and has helped me improve with erp so much!


May 02, 2023

I am increasing amazed at Georgiana’s skill!!!!! She is simply the best :)


Apr 28, 2023

When I started therapy I was scared to talk about my intrusive thoughts. She’s made the therapy sessions a safe space for me to share them!


Apr 27, 2023

Amazing therapist! So glad to find her.


Apr 26, 2023

I have truly benefitted from Georgiana Coffman's professionalism and knowledge.; I value her expertise as well as her friendly, genuine personality.


Apr 17, 2023

I really think she is knowledgeable and is a good fit for me.


Apr 12, 2023

I Like my therapist very much. I can tell her anything she wants to know about me, comfortably.


Mar 22, 2023

I like her alot and enjoyed my conversation with her: not stressful.


Mar 10, 2023

She is really calming and has answered all my questions about ERP. We have begun ERP and while it has been a bit nerve-wracking, I feel safe doing it with her.


Feb 24, 2023

Georgiana quickly identified what I was struggling with and put together an action plan. I have seen such awesome results in the couple of months!


Feb 01, 2023

The therapist was knowledgeable and willing to help.


Dec 16, 2022

The therapist's expertise and professionalism elicited my responses in a non-threatening manner, resulting in a very productive session.


Oct 19, 2022

My therapist was such a light. I felt sceen and heard and understood more than I ever have been before. I'm so hopeful about the future.


Sep 19, 2022

Georgianna is amazing!


Jul 27, 2022

Georgiana Coffman is a great therapist! She is such an encouragement and has helped me take steps forward even when I have had trouble believing that I could do it. I feel hopeful that I will be able to reclaim the areas of my life that OCD has stolen from me.


Jul 18, 2022

Georgiana is a great therapist. She is always kind and very insightful. I’ve learned so much from her and i’ve been able to control my rumination more!


Jun 20, 2022

Therapy has been great with Georgiana so far. Even though I'm in the beginning sessions, I feel like I'm taking tiny steps forward each time I meet with her.


Jun 02, 2022

My therapist was right on the spot! She was polite, and courteous. Never leave feeling unheard. She even laughs with me. Great personality!


May 23, 2022

absolutely love my therapist! definitely shows she cares and i know i’m seen and heard!


Apr 28, 2022

Hit on some key issues I have had for a few days. Just riding it out. She understood me and where I was coming from and adjusted today's session well done. Thank you Georgiana!🙂


Apr 22, 2022

My therapist is so kind and easy to talk to.


Apr 22, 2022

Though time goes by fast, I really enjoy speaking with my therapist, Georgiana. Another great session on compulsions and ruminating. Thank you NOCD.


Apr 18, 2022

Georgianna was great and i actually felt heard!


Apr 17, 2022

My therapist and I went through the hierarchies today. Great session. I learned some new compulsions. And how to defeat my impulse to stop my compulsions before they act. Great session! Highly recommend Georgiana.


Apr 08, 2022

The therapist really listened to me and brought me out of a rabbits hole. She was kind and very thoughtful today.


Mar 24, 2022

We did Q and A today. It went fantastic! Feeling better too. Georgiana holds great sessions and I always look forward to talking with her! There is always something new to try or better than that, she leaves me really thinking about all we discussed. Thank you Georgiana!


Mar 14, 2022

Georgiana was kind and an excellent listener.


Mar 10, 2022

She was very understanding and willing to help me get through the session. Very open and candid. I knew she heard me! Thank you Georgiana!


Feb 18, 2022

Q and A today. Fantastic session! Every question answered in great detail! She's highly recommended 👌


Feb 09, 2022

Just when you think your having a nice day, wait until after you have spoken to my therapist. We have wonderful sessions, she'll make you 😃, by the end of you session! Pleasantly surprised!


Feb 02, 2022

She is a great listener, kind, thoughtful. She always makes me feel like somebody listened and understood.


Jan 25, 2022

My therapist went out of her way to make me feel comfortable. She made what was a stressful memory to a memory that can't hurt me any more. I like her very much. She's polite, courteous, and right on the money. She's different from other therapist. She is not superficial, and gets right to the point, with ease and comfortability.


Jan 21, 2022

We took the first steps in creating a safety plan. My therapist was quite soft spoken, gentle to hear, listened well and gave great advise. I would recommend her to anyone. Thank you Mrs. G.


Jan 13, 2022

Therapist was ready and willing and able to answer all my questions. She's very optimistic and encouraging. Always smiling.


Dec 06, 2021

She was amazing and a perfect match. I didn't know how much I needed this and I'm determined to put in the work.

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