OCD therapist Chris Straface, Licensed Therapist, MA, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Chris Straface


Licensed Therapist, MA, LPC

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As a therapist, I try to be very relaxed, warm and welcoming. I want you to feel really comfortable with therapy. Part of that is educating you on the process and goal of ERP. I want you to buy into the therapy, because ERP as a therapy model is effective and will help you, even though it might feel uncomfortable. Outside of work, I love modeling and painting miniatures. My son and I are into tabletop gaming. I enjoy reading fantasy – I'm a big Star Wars fan. I like to have fun with that whole genre.

Human nature is to avoid the things that make us uncomfortable. ERP is going to feel uncomfortable, because you're no longer avoiding the things you used to avoid. But if you can work through it, you'll find it very helpful. It's like physical therapy—you have to go in and do some work. It's going to be uncomfortable. But you will improve.

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