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OCD therapist Christopher Straface, Licensed Therapist, MA, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Christopher Straface


Licensed Therapist, MA, LPC


As a therapist, I try to be very relaxed, warm and welcoming. I want you to feel really comfortable with therapy. Part of that is educating you on the process and goal of ERP. I want you to buy into the therapy, because ERP as a therapy model is effective and will help you, even though it might feel uncomfortable. Outside of work, I love modeling and painting miniatures. My son and I are into tabletop gaming. I enjoy reading fantasy – I'm a big Star Wars fan. I like to have fun with that whole genre.

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Human nature is to avoid the things that make us uncomfortable. ERP is going to feel uncomfortable, because you're no longer avoiding the things you used to avoid. But if you can work through it, you'll find it very helpful. It's like physical therapy—you have to go in and do some work. It's going to be uncomfortable. But you will improve.

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As a kid, I had difficulties with family issues. Through my church, I received a lot of help. I was a teenager when I received the help I needed, so I really wanted to focus on helping teenagers. I have a bachelor's in social work and master's in counseling. I worked with teens and families in the juvenile system and really enjoyed that. I realized a lot of people I was working with had anxiety, so I trained in that, along with depression and trauma. I love helping people make a difference in their lives in some way, if I can.

Originally, I didn't know much about OCD, nor did most people I knew. I met someone who worked for NOCD and learned more about it. I discovered that OCD is very common. Many people don't even realize they engage in compulsions. Now that I've been trained, I love treating it. When people get good help, it can be life changing.

I've worked largely with anxiety, depression, and trauma. I've also done work with trichotillomania and body focused repetitive behaviors. In my private practice, I've worked a lot with adjustment disorder, defiant teens, and parenting issues.

ERP is uncomfortable on purpose. It's supposed to be. Human nature is to avoid the things that make us uncomfortable. ERP is going to feel uncomfortable, because you're not avoiding the things you used to avoid. But if you can work through it, you'll actually find it very helpful. The analogy I use is that it's like physical therapy. If you have an injury, you have to go in and do some work. It's going to be uncomfortable. But if you do the homework, you will improve, and you'll be able to live with it.

That's OK. If you're hesitant to be completely open, that's normal. But nothing you're going to say would be surprising to me as a therapist. It's OK to share those things. I won't try to force you to share. I just want to encourage you to become comfortable enough to share. I think that can happen after just a few visits.

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What our members say about
Christopher Straface


Jul 06, 2023



May 31, 2023

Chris is awesome. He truly cares, or at least that is what it seems. I rarely leave any reviews for anyone in general, but after having seen him for months, he deserves it.


Feb 23, 2023

Chris is so patient and really challenges me. Sessions are so helpful.


Feb 06, 2023

Chris understands me so well . I can tell he sincerely cares about what I’m going through . I also feel like he puts himself in my shoes and that makes me feel like I can make it through this rough time


Jan 03, 2023

Chris really pushes me and that helps a lot


Dec 21, 2022

Appreciate all the efforts in helping me live with OCD


Dec 13, 2022

Coming off of 9 sessions together so far & I can’t say enough how much it has helped having Chris in my court. He is very welcoming & just great at making you feel heard without judgement. Could not recommend him enough.


Nov 28, 2022

Very helpful as always!


Nov 16, 2022

Chris is wonderful. He has helped me so much.


Oct 28, 2022

Amazing experience with Chris!!


Oct 25, 2022

Felt comfortable right away.


Oct 03, 2022

Amazing and equipped to help OCD patients!!


Sep 12, 2022

Amazing therapist!! Very confident in the help I’m receiving


Sep 07, 2022

Amazing and very helpful!! - All sessions have been successful!!


Sep 07, 2022

So grateful for Chris! He is an amazing therapist.


Aug 16, 2022

Chris is very Knowledgeable about OCD and very helpful in the techniques needed to help.


Aug 10, 2022

I am so grateful for Chris' professionalism and ability to describe the illness and help to resolve issues and hardships.


Aug 05, 2022



Feb 09, 2022

Chris is amazing at listening and understanding. Very validating and helpful! I would recommend Chris for anyone needing help managing OCD.


Jan 26, 2022

Chris was great as always! He really takes time to listen and understand what you’re going through. I’ve been to a few therapists for non OCD related issues, but Chris has been the most positive experience. He asks a lot of questions and really makes you feel validated. I also never feel rushed when talking, or towards the end of the session. I look forward to continue working with him!

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