Scott Clark

Licensed OCD Therapist, LPC

Auburn University

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My experience with treating OCD:

My experience has placed me in front of a diverse group of people in need. I've held a private practice, worked in drug & alcohol treatment, and did counseling at an intake facility. I learned Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy because other techniques I was using to treat OCD weren't leading to the results that I wanted. ERP gives me those results, and they're emotionally reflective in those that I treat. I want the same for you.


About Me

OCD creates intrusive thoughts that you can't escape. You do a compulsion, the anxiety leaves, and only for it to return so you can repeat your compulsion. If it feels like OCD has a hold on you, you're right. ERP therapy can teach you how not to rely on compulsions, leading to an alleviation of your anxiety. It just takes a little work to get there. I'm here to guide you in that work. In my sessions, I speak with honesty and authenticity. We'll have conversations as we slowly expose you to what you're afraid of so you can overcome your OCD. Members say that they develop a strong trust with them, which is key to getting you to a better place. I hope I can guide you to more freedom without the struggles that OCD can bring.

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