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OCD therapist Christina Garges, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Christina Garges


Licensed Therapist, LCSW


As a therapist, I value forming a relationship with the people I work with. I bring a lot of curiosity into my work, and I invite you to be curious about yourself as well. You will find understanding and compassion in session; this is a judgment-free zone. A fun fact about me: I've been practicing muay thai kickboxing for the past four years. I love how much it challenges me mentally as I use my body and brain together. It's built my confidence, and it's continued to humble me.

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Working on yourself through OCD therapy can be very rewarding. It can feel really good at times, even when it’s challenging, like anything that leads to growth. It takes collaboration and consistent effort, but it really works.

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I've always been interested in getting to know people in a deeper way. From a young age, I knew I was skilled at being a good listener, being empathetic, and being present for other people. Becoming a therapist was a natural next step.

ERP, the therapeutic intervention for OCD, can produce really tangible, really fast results. It can truly help people in an efficient way.

I have a lot of experience working with depression, anxiety, complex trauma, attachment wounds, grief, and loss.

Doing work on yourself can be very rewarding. It takes collaboration and consistent effort. It can feel really good at times, and at times it can be challenging, like any type of growth. Progress often can come from an uncomfortable place, where you have to sit and work through things that are not pleasant.

Let me know you're afraid. We can talk about the feelings that are coming up around the thoughts. That can help soothe, ease, and create understanding as we move towards discussing what's uncomfortable.

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  • Kaiser - Northern California Region
  • Magellan
  • Beacon Health (Medi-cal)
  • Kaiser - Southern California Region
  • Blue Shield of California



What our members say about
Christina Garges


Jan 15, 2024

what we do in therapy carries over into improved dealing mechanisms and behaviors


Aug 22, 2023

The best therapist ever. Please give her a raise. I feel so seen and heard and respected and cared for. I am thriving under her care and guidance.


Aug 07, 2023

Christina posses the skill to help me


Aug 03, 2023

My therapist is so so great! She really helped me to refocus today and give me a clear perspective.


Jul 19, 2023

I am so grateful for Christina. She’s very tolerant of my scatterbrain 💜


Jun 05, 2023

Chris into gas walked me through some very challenging stuff but I always feel like she listens and meets me where I am. Even better, she’s helped me be able to identify organically occurring opportunities to practice ERP on my own. I’m very appreciative of her!


Mar 15, 2023

We’ve had a couple emotionally charged appointments, and this one was pretty heavy for me. Christina is really sensitive and her approach is trauma-informed while always bringing it back to exposures response. She’s very skilled and I feel really lucky that I’ve been matched up with her.


Feb 27, 2023

I had a difficult experience a few days ago that brought back a lot of old compulsions that scared me. Christina showed a lot of empathy but also made me think about how being accountable to myself would benefit me in the long run. She’s very skilled and I’m endlessly grateful for her.


Jan 09, 2023

I really appreciate Christina’s innovative and creative approach.


Jan 04, 2023

She really listens and is clearly very competent


Dec 21, 2022

She’s empathetic, warm, and knowledgeable. I’m feeling optimistic about treatment!


Nov 28, 2022

She’s awesome


Nov 17, 2022

Really excited about my progress. Hope it sticks

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