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OCD therapist Nouelle Dorrow, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Nouelle Dorrow


Licensed Therapist, LCSW


Treatment begins with getting to know each other, so you can be able to take risks from the safety of the therapeutic setting. I'm on your team as you face your fears and anxieties—both inside and outside therapy. When I'm not at work, I enjoy spending time outdoors, especially running and walking—they're great ways to explore my surroundings, both near home and when I'm traveling.

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Should you courageously pursue change, there is always hope—brain cells can be rewired at any age.

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I believe we are simply not wired to go through life alone. Especially when navigating difficult times, it’s important to know we have someone we can count on. I chose to become a psychotherapist because the collaborative therapy process can help us retain hope during some of our greatest challenges. If you stick with it, it can also lead to lasting change. Ever wonder why you can talk about a feeling but not actually feel better? It's been said that healing creates insight—insight alone doesn't create healing. By working with a trained therapist, we can learn to experience and process our feelings in a safe setting to improve our health and well-being.

I chose to specialize in OCD because I've seen what can happen when symptoms are left untreated, and how lives can change for the better when symptoms are addressed. OCD refers to a group of symptoms that are prevalent among individuals in our society and very misunderstood. I hope to help individuals who are struggling and to challenge mistaken attitudes in society.

As an experiential clinician, I also work with adults and young adults on anxiety, relationships, attachment trauma, and adjustments in relationships to others or adapting to new life situations. Experiential work uses the present moment as live examples to affect real change.

The decision to reach out and start treatment takes courage. It's a part of the process that should be celebrated. We'll take the time you need to get to know each other, and you'll continually be invited to share feedback throughout our time together. This is a collaborative process. Together we can explore ways to improve daily functioning and mood amid life’s challenges. Should you courageously pursue change, there is always hope—brain cells can be rewired at any age.

Facing your fears is part of the process, so be encouraged—you're already participating in the change process by acknowledging them to yourself! Please also know that you never have to share anything you’re not ready to share. It's always your choice to be here. We can take the time you need to get to know each other and the process. Each healing journey is unique. I'll collaborate with you, at the pace you need, to make the changes you want to see in your life.

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