OCD therapist Hanna Zavrazhyna, Master of Social Work (MSW), Registered Social Worker (RSW), Licensed OCD Therapist

Hanna Zavrazhyna

Master of Social Work (MSW), Registered Social Worker (RSW) • (She/Her)

University of Calgary

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My experience with treating OCD:

For the past 5 years, I’ve treated many different types of disorders and mental health challenges. I’ve now received specialized training in Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy and can effectively treat your OCD. I’ve learned a lot helping people overcome depression, anxiety, and trauma while also treating drug abuse and debilitating disorders. ERP is quite effective when done through teletherapy, which you’ll be able to do safely from home or wherever makes you feel most comfortable.


About Me

As your therapist, I want to make you feel safe and supported. I’ve worked as a residential treatment center for women battling addiction and mental health issues, and have worked with both refugees and the indigenous population in Alberta. I immigrated to Canada from Ukraine, spending time as a linguist, translator, and journalist. But I chose to become a therapist because it’s more meaningful to me. I enjoy this work immensely, being able to see people overcome their struggles and distress. I’ve worked with people from many different cultures, who have described my approach as compassionate, caring, and supportive. It’s time to use ERP to help you get better and get your life back.

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