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OCD therapist Hanna Zavrazhyna, Master of Social Work (MSW), Registered Social Worker (RSW), Licensed OCD Therapist

Hanna Zavrazhyna


Master of Social Work (MSW), Registered Social Worker (RSW)


As a therapist, I am here to support you. I know things can be a day-to-day struggle. At the same time, I try to be fully open and direct. I try to demystify the process and explain why we're doing what we're doing, at every point. Some fun facts about me: I love children's books and spend ridiculous amounts of money buying them (under the pretense that my child needs them). I’m also able to do therapy in three languages: English, Ukrainian and Russian.

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In my view, OCD therapy truly is worth spending your time, money, and energy on. When you build those muscles to fight OCD, you can see a lot of benefits in every part of your life.

Get to know Hanna Zavrazhyna

I used to have a different career before I came to Canada. I felt like I was basically wasting my life making someone else rich. I wanted to do things that I found personally meaningful. I believe that people have so much resiliency, and I like to help people believe in themselves.

I always understood that it was highly challenging to live with OCD, but until I studied it I never realized that it could be so debilitating and pervasive. It can affect your whole life, and it can develop so early; it's scary and painful. I knew soon that I wanted to specialize in treating it.

I specialize in trauma and crisis situations. I’ve worked in urgent care as a mental health clinician, and I also used to work in an addiction treatment center. Generally, I've worked a lot with depression, anxiety and social anxiety.

First, you should know that it really works. It's truly worth spending your time, money, and energy on. When you build those muscles to fight OCD, you can see a lot of benefits in every part of your life.

That's normal. Let me know that there are some thoughts you're not willing to share right away. We can talk about the themes of your thoughts, or some of the general areas OCD touches, and we can talk about the specifics later. We'll just need enough specificity to help design exposures. But you definitely don't have to be ready to tell me everything in the first session.

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Hanna Zavrazhyna


Dec 20, 2023

Hanna has been incredibly helpful in helping me get back control of my life from OCD. I’m finally starting to feel like myself again and it’s thanks to the tools she’s equipped me with.


Dec 15, 2023

very supportive over hard moments during exposures.


Jul 28, 2023

This session was very helpful to me!! I was scared beforehand, but I still opened up and we even had some jokes! I learned important things through discussion about my symptoms that I didn’t realise before.


Jul 18, 2023

Clear communication


Jan 20, 2023

Hanna is amazing. In just four sessions I feel I’ve made some progress and she has been very encouraging.

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