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Sonya Reed


Licensed therapist, LCSW

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As a therapist, I try to create an open environment. Whatever you tell me will be met with an open mind and without judgment. I see my role as being the rudder to the boat—I'll guide you and navigate, but you're doing the work. A fun fact about me: When I'm not in sessions, I love to make scented candles and give them as gifts. I've been doing it for about 15 years.

It's great that you are willing to get answers or seek guidance on how to deal with what you've been dealing with for possibly years. Trust in the therapeutic relationship.

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What our members say about
Sonya Reed


May 12, 2023

I connect so well with Sonya, that today as soon as the screen onnected, she was able to tell that something was wrong, and asked me what was wrong! That is impressive. I look forward to my sessions with her. She makes me feel understood.


Apr 17, 2023

My therapist holds me accountable which fosters trust. This work is very challenging. I have a hoarding condition. I am soo relieved and fortunate having Sonya as my therapist! She has a comprehensive set of skills and well rounded perspective in addition to a strong willingness to help. She was my last hope! And I’m making progress !


Apr 10, 2023

Luckily my therapist: Sonya, is holding me accountable to our agreement of keeping each room that I’ve decluttered, clean and organized. She brought it to my attention that my bathroom is still cluttered and described how there were still bottles (shampoo, soap etc..) on the floor. She’s allowing me ample time to process but now it’s time to move forward and she is gently yet firmly helping me achieve my goals.


Mar 30, 2023

Sonia is very kind and patient. I feel like I click well with her. I feel like I am talking to a friend who has great advice rather than going to “therapy”. She makes me feel understood and I look forward to my sessions with her.


Mar 23, 2023

Sonia is kind, considerate and helpful. She listens and remembers what we talked about! She has good suggestions that I feel are easy to implement!


Mar 16, 2023

I really liked Sonya. I felt like she understood me and I clicked with her. She is knowledgeable and understanding.


Mar 01, 2023

Sonya brings pertinent life experience along with her professional career and I feel 100% after our visits. I appreciate her optimistic and solution oriented, approach. I feel so lucky to have her as my therapist! My hoarding is severe. She’s just the right fit for me.


Feb 28, 2023

Love Sonya. She challenges me but at the same time is understanding and compassionate. Blessed to have her as my therapist. Don’t think I could’ve gotten a more perfect therapist for my circumstance and situation.


Feb 15, 2023

Sonya keeps her word ! When she offers to look for a professional organizer, over the weekend, she does it. I can trust her with follow-thru. She identified my ability to clean, organize and maintain order in my bathroom but when it came to papers, I was overwhelmed. She noticed the piles “sprouting” & “growing like grass,” everywhere even on top of the appliances, which aside from creating a safety concern (stovetop), they impaired their availability for intended use such as washing clothes (washer). She took into consideration, the size of my space and type of filing cabinet I wanted and that the plan is to focus on the papers and ordering the proper cabinet to contain my documents in files and photo albums on shelves. Also office supplies while fit in the cabinet and not get dusty.


Feb 09, 2023

Sonya is awesome!


Jan 25, 2023

I asked my therapist about the questions I’ve been asked to complete before our session; listed under “Tasks..” and the feelings it brought up. Also the difficulty in choosing answers. This could be a BPD symptom. I was unaware of the different categories of OCD. Again- most likely due to the BPD, having clarity can be difficult, too. Accepting reality can be difficult too. Sonya helped me distinguish between OCD and normal behavior. I was motivated to start and finish my task and then kept going on it for nearly 2-hours afterward. I could reward myself for it being good enough after the hour we spent together. And it seems like my therapist is happy with my achievements, as well ! I receive extended mileage from her help.


Jan 20, 2023

Sonya has a lot of experience and expertise that suit my particular set of needs. I have hoarding, and complex PTSD and I Identify w/ BPD. I’m making progress! She is flexible if I have to change my time. She’s professional and compassionate at the same time. I feel soo lucky to have her as my NOCD Therapist !!!


Jan 16, 2023

Thankful for Sonya. Today we did talk therapy but it was really helpful. She is helping me distinguish between what are quirks that I have and what are actually OCD-related thoughts.


Jan 05, 2023

To start with Sonya enthusiastically praised me on my clean sink. I got into old memories while clearing out a place for the repairman to work on washingmachine that flooded my house on New Year’s Day. The workman left because he didnt have access due to clutter. Could not clear it on my own.; however, with Sonya’s help I am ready for the (rescheduled) appointment! Feeling lighter and hopeful.


Jan 04, 2023

Sonya, my Therapist, continues to go the extra mile. Triaged when I was having a mental crisis. She’s resourceful, experienced. I like how she’s constantly learning, too, it helps me feel human since I’m learning that it will take a while to learn new habits and that recovery from hoarding will require me me to be proactive and disciplined.


Dec 30, 2022

Sonya is great. She really helps me see things from a different perspective. My quality of life has improved drastically thanks to God and thanks to my therapist.


Dec 23, 2022

So grateful for Sonya. She does not push me too far but she definitely challenges me. I’m grateful that I’m beating OCD with her help and guidance and persistence.


Dec 21, 2022

I got worried when the appointment didnt start on time though


Dec 08, 2022

Love that she doesn’t pressure me but she challenges and encourages me and also rationalizes with me and teaches me and explains to me the why of certain things which in turn makes me want to do what I need to do to better my life. I am grateful Thank you Sonya


Dec 02, 2022

WONDERFUL therapist. I’m so grateful for her. She challenges me to face what I need to face but she does it with grace and with enthusiasm and explains to me the benefits that would come out of me doing it.


Nov 18, 2022

Sonya Reed is a fantastic therapist!!!!! So grateful for her!!!!!


Nov 10, 2022

Sonya is a wonderful therapist!!!!! God bless her!!!!!


Nov 03, 2022

Sonya is wonderful. She listens to me and she always gives me feedback on what I said.


Nov 03, 2022

Instantly felt comfortable with Sonya! I look forward to my next session.


Oct 28, 2022

She’s very sweet and is attentive to what I say. Though she doesn’t “give in” to what I say, she definitely listens to me and lets me speak.


Oct 15, 2022

Sonya is absolutely amazing for folks with harm OCD and related subtypes, as she is nonjudgemental and also does not shame you for progressing at your own pace. Harm fears can be especially hard to do exposures for, as it feels like there's so much at stake if the 0.000001% chance your fears come true since it wouldn't just affect you, but also other people and your own moral character. As someone with this subtype, I've had bad experiences with a previous therapist who would sort of shame/guilt-trip me for "not working hard enough/not putting in enough effort" whenever I was apprehensive about moving to the next level of the hierarchy or refused to do a particularly scary exposure that day. But Sonya isn't like that at all - she will respect your boundaries while simultaneously encouraging you to do relevant exposures *at your own pace* with no shaming or criticism! She's all about positive reinforcement and rewarding yourself for successes rather than making you feel bad for having boundaries or not meeting a particularly difficult goal in a short amount of time. Sonya will encourage you to challenge yourself and celebrate what you *did* accomplish rather than shaming you for what you didn't accomplish. After all, some progress is better than none at all, and it is 100% ok to listen to your own boundaries if you aren't ready yet. You've grown from where you were yesterday, and there's always an opportunity to grow even more tomorrow. So tl;dr -- if you respond best to positive encouragement and a growth mindset, and you want to take things at your own pace while still being challenged, Sonya very well might be the perfect therapist for you!


Aug 31, 2022

My therapist Sonya Read is excellent! She’s always so helpful and kind!


Aug 03, 2022

My Therapist Sonya Reed is really kind and helpful!!😊I’m so happy to have met her and have her as my Therapist!!👍


Jul 21, 2022

Sonya is awesome!


Jul 04, 2022

My therapist Sonya is so down to earth.


Jun 29, 2022

I had lot of improvement and felt so happy.


May 26, 2022

It was an intake appointment so we didn't dice too deep but I felt really comfortable and like I matter. My thoughts and feelings matter. Which is a huge relief.


Jan 06, 2022

Dr. Sonya Reed was super nice on our first session. I felt really comfortable talking with her. I look forward to our future sessions.

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