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OCD therapist Arlene  Donnelly, Licensed Therapist, LPC, CAADC, CCS, CCTP, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Arlene Donnelly


Licensed Therapist, LPC, CAADC, CCS, CCTP, NCC

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I became a therapist because of my own mental-health journey. I know what it's like to address what's going on inside your head, and successfully come out the other side. In OCD therapy, we'll look at your thought processes to address what's going on and build coping skills to manage the anxiety. Outside of work, I have six kids, a big blended family. I'm big into reading. I read just about anything. Usually, I'm reading about four books at once.

I understand that addressing how you think and feel can be scary. Really looking at you is overwhelming sometimes. But we'll go into this together and take it at the speed that is most comfortable for you.

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What our members say about
Arlene Donnelly


Dec 02, 2022

Arlene was so sweet to me and was great with me in a vulnerable state :)


Dec 01, 2022

Arlene is always really positive and helpful- she has helped me get to a position where I am far more able to deal with this miserable condition!


Nov 16, 2022

Arlene helped me with severe Contamination OCD.


Nov 01, 2022

Next appointment start ERP


Oct 17, 2022

I really like working with Arlene, it’s the most beneficial therapy I’ve ever had 💗


Oct 05, 2022

I really like working with Arlene, I feel listened to and heard


Sep 29, 2022

Arleen was trying to build a relationship with my daughter and got my daughter talking about her interests and even getting in front of the camera and then Arleen went and started talking about why it was hard and my daughter retreated right back into her shell. If she would have continued to just get my daughter talking about her interests for the rest of the session today, she might have wanted to come back, but instead she totally lost her. My daughter could have talked about books or art for hours. It just seemed really short-sighted and rushed unnecessarily. It takes time for even adults to build trust with a therapist. I doubt my daughter will want to try therapy again.


Sep 23, 2022

I really like working with Arlene xx


Sep 14, 2022

My second appointment. Got to know Arlene better. Practice ERP in my present environment and some tasks to complete before my next appointment. I was really encouraged that she has veterans in her family and relatives. Also that she has clients in Wyoming so that she knows something about living here.


Aug 18, 2022

I feel like I make progress every week. Arlene is non-judgemental, kind and knowledgeable.


Aug 15, 2022

Great detail and perspective. Always feel better after a session.


Jul 29, 2022

Really useful session, no reassurance however much I hinted for it! Useful, practical steps to take instead and delivered with humour 😂


Jul 27, 2022

Only not 5 stars as I’ve not started full therapy yet but really like Arlene!


Jul 25, 2022

It was only the first session so it’s hard to judge but felt comfortable and prepared to continue with Arlene.


Jul 15, 2022

Very professional, helpful and knowledgable. Arlene’s approach has been super helpful so far ?


Jun 30, 2022

Good first session with specific aims. Arlene was kind and patient.


Jun 01, 2022

My therapist is great! A huge help!


May 26, 2022

My therapist, Arlene Donnelly is wonderful. So very helpful. I feel so comfortable with her.

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