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OCD therapist Arlene Donnelly, Licensed Therapist, LPC, CAADC, CCS, CCTP, NCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Arlene Donnelly


Licensed Therapist, LPC, CAADC, CCS, CCTP, NCC


I became a therapist because of my own mental-health journey. I know what it's like to address what's going on inside your head, and successfully come out the other side. In OCD therapy, we'll look at your thought processes to address what's going on and build coping skills to manage the anxiety. Outside of work, I have six kids, a big blended family. I'm big into reading. I read just about anything. Usually, I'm reading about four books at once.

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I understand that addressing how you think and feel can be scary. Really looking at you is overwhelming sometimes. But we'll go into this together and take it at the speed that is most comfortable for you.

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My own journey in mental health—learning to manage my own emotional regulations, my own cognitive distortions, my own ability to manage what was going on inside of my head—is what led me to being in this field. I enjoy giving back. I love being able to watch other people address their mental health, then come out the other side being more in control of their lives.

It's a population that is underserved and needs help. I like working with people with OCD, to help them learn how to overcome the challenges that come with the condition.

I work with severe and persistent mental illness, including bipolar, schizophrenia, borderline personality disorder and schizoaffective disorder. I also specialize in anxiety, depression, PTSD, and trauma.

Therapy can be scary. It can be anxiety provoking. Before we get into it, I'll address all of the questions you have. We'll go into this together. I understand that addressing how you think and feel can be scary. Really looking at you is overwhelming sometimes. So we'll take it at the speed that is most comfortable for you.

Please share that you're afraid. Then we can explore why you're afraid of sharing those thoughts.

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  • Cigna


North Dakota

What our members say about
Arlene Donnelly


Nov 22, 2023

Thank you Arlene for always listening, understanding and giving great advice 💗


Nov 22, 2023

Arlene is the kindest, most helpful OCD therapist! She’s given me the tools to be successful and I truly wouldn’t be where I am today without her! I never feel judged and she’s always a listening ear. Thank you so much Arlene!


Nov 16, 2023

My therapist ROCKS! When I previously was being treated I was too afraid to share everything and my current therapist is a gem! She’s so easy to talk to, she understands and has helped me progress so far with OCD. We are now only meeting once a month to check in. I used to think OCD would ruin my life, that I’d never be able to cope. Here I am coping, a new mom and having little to no intrusive thoughts. Thank you so much Arlene for everything you’ve done!


Oct 25, 2023

Arlene is just amazing, I look forward to our sessions so much! I always come away feeling supported, driven and ready to tackle OCD head on


Sep 08, 2023

Arlene was very helpful and compassionate during my first ever exposure.


Sep 01, 2023



Aug 04, 2023

She’s very knowledgeable and listens well.


Aug 03, 2023

Arlene is great- really helpful, non judgemental, pushes you in the right way and is always supportive. Highly recommended


Jun 29, 2023

Very good! Kind, passionate, willing to help me


Jun 26, 2023

It is amazing how comfortable I feel with Arlene. I typically am nervous before appointments, but when I remember it's her, it's like I can a deep breath. It's also incredible how fast and effective this ERP is.... thank GOD!


Jun 05, 2023

Arlene was amazing and we really appreciate all of her help


May 26, 2023

Harris continued to pick up the ball and throw it.


May 24, 2023

Arlene is an excellent therapist. There is a real improvement with Harris in a very short space of time!


May 16, 2023

Kind and helped me


May 11, 2023

Again... she gave me insight and hope in areas that I already THOUGHT I understood. Dang... this app/therapy is a true gift ❤️


May 10, 2023

Wow. I was originally assigned someone else and I am SO glad to have met Arlene. She just makes you feel... like you're gonna be helped 🤷‍♀️ Does that make sense. Down to earth and seems very genuine. I like that


May 10, 2023

Very patient.


May 08, 2023

Very helpful.


Apr 21, 2023

Arlene is fantastic. She's professional, to the point with a great sense of humour. My son is very shy and likes her.


Apr 19, 2023

Arlene is a great therapist, thank you 💗


Apr 07, 2023

Excellent first session. She was relateable and did a great job keeping on task.


Apr 06, 2023

Arlene is great. I feel heard and she knows exactly how I’m feeling and the best way to help me. Thank you 😊


Apr 03, 2023



Mar 28, 2023

Arlene helps you to see the funny side whilst being gentle and firm. Such a great mix for me!


Mar 27, 2023

Fantastic and informative. Very productive, good session.


Feb 28, 2023

Very good session and informative/helpful.


Feb 02, 2023

Most amazing therapist I’ve ever had.


Jan 30, 2023

Very good session. -Dan


Dec 06, 2022

I felt very comfortable talking with my therapist and the session went really smoothly!


Dec 06, 2022

Made me comfortable


Dec 02, 2022

Arlene was so sweet to me and was great with me in a vulnerable state :)


Dec 01, 2022

Arlene is always really positive and helpful- she has helped me get to a position where I am far more able to deal with this miserable condition!


Nov 16, 2022

Arlene helped me with severe Contamination OCD.


Nov 01, 2022

Next appointment start ERP


Oct 17, 2022

I really like working with Arlene, it’s the most beneficial therapy I’ve ever had 💗


Oct 05, 2022

I really like working with Arlene, I feel listened to and heard


Sep 23, 2022

I really like working with Arlene xx


Sep 14, 2022

My second appointment. Got to know Arlene better. Practice ERP in my present environment and some tasks to complete before my next appointment. I was really encouraged that she has veterans in her family and relatives. Also that she has clients in Wyoming so that she knows something about living here.


Aug 18, 2022

I feel like I make progress every week. Arlene is non-judgemental, kind and knowledgeable.


Aug 15, 2022

Great detail and perspective. Always feel better after a session.


Jul 29, 2022

Really useful session, no reassurance however much I hinted for it! Useful, practical steps to take instead and delivered with humour 😂


Jul 27, 2022

Only not 5 stars as I’ve not started full therapy yet but really like Arlene!


Jul 25, 2022

It was only the first session so it’s hard to judge but felt comfortable and prepared to continue with Arlene.


Jul 15, 2022

Very professional, helpful and knowledgable. Arlene’s approach has been super helpful so far ?


Jun 30, 2022

Good first session with specific aims. Arlene was kind and patient.


Jun 01, 2022

My therapist is great! A huge help!


May 26, 2022

My therapist, Arlene Donnelly is wonderful. So very helpful. I feel so comfortable with her.

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