OCD therapist Kelsey Callahan, Licensed Therapist, Professional Counselor, Licensed OCD Therapist

Kelsey Callahan


Licensed Therapist, Professional Counselor

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As a therapist, I want to focus on things you are avoiding—or areas where your functionality is diminished—and help you get back to your regular way of life. Therapy isn't about throwing you in the deep end of the pool. It's about giving you the tools to be able to swim over there and tread water. Outside of work, I love doing outdoor activities like hiking. I minored in photography in college, so I enjoy taking photographs whenever I can.

One person I worked with hadn't been to a beloved relative's house in a year because they were worried about the house. Some stopped going to school. Others found their jobs had become incredibly difficult because they were constantly checking things. I was able to help them get their lives back on track. It's so rewarding to see someone resume their passions and goals.

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Kelsey Callahan


May 18, 2021

I feel like this is going to be life changing for me! Excited to get started and dive into this mental illness and finally heal!


Jun 10, 2021

Kelsey is great to work with. She is fully engaged in the session and nothing surprises her. I have been able to talk to her about my most disturbing OCD thoughts. Together we have formulated my exposure exercises and it is working! I love using the app too. It is so convenient and using my phone is such a normal thing to do so I don’t feel as awkward working on super difficult stuff.


Jun 15, 2021

Extremely grateful for the conversation with Kelsey. I believe this may be what could help me out.


Sep 13, 2021

I had my first session with Kelsey and it was great. She made me feel heard and the atmosphere was very calming. I look forward to my next session and to ultimately get better!


Sep 27, 2021

Kelsey was great


Oct 18, 2021

Kelsey is helping me with my real life … it is so applicable and doable and it’s how it’s going to improve my day to day life. Truly awesome.

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