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OCD therapist Anastasia Pedersen, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern, Licensed OCD Therapist

Anastasia Pedersen

Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern

Pre-license number: IMH21816

Under the supervision of Cori Brittain


I use a person-centered, personal approach to OCD therapy. First, we recognize it as a problem on its own, not something that defines you as a person. Together, we'll identify what it looks like in your day-to-day life, what kinds of triggers exist, and how to tackle those triggers utilizing ERP therapy. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time in nature. I love to go camping, take long hikes, and spend the entire day at the beach. I've been vegan since 2017 and absolutely love the challenge of recreating my favorite dishes into vegan versions. Whether it's cooking or baking, you can count me in.

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You're not doing this alone. You have me and an entire community supporting you.

Get to know Anastasia Pedersen

I was raised in a family that struggled with mental health and addiction issues. In early childhood, I entered the foster care system and was adopted by another family. These experiences ignited a curiosity to understand why people behave the way they do. Even more, it facilitated my passion to help others reach the best versions of themselves.

I have a friend who was brave enough to confide in me that she has OCD. Learning about her experiences, before and after treatment, inspired me to help others find relief and improve their quality of life.

I completed my graduate internship at my college’s counseling center. This gave me the opportunity to work with the college population, which included focus areas such as career, anxiety, depression, identity, time management, and grief counseling. After graduation, my first job was providing counseling to people who were in medication-assisted treatment for their substance abuse.

This type of therapy requires an open mind and a willingness to try. More than likely, there will be times that you feel uncomfortable—but that is the point! Growth comes from discomfort. The fact that you're here looking for treatment already tells me you can do it. Remember that you're not doing this alone. You will have me and an entire community supporting you.

Please tell me if you're feeling this way. I want to help you reach a place where you feel comfortable sharing with me. I understand how hard it is to trust and confide in others—especially when we're strangers and I'm asking you questions most people don't. No matter what you share with me, you can anticipate my response to be compassionate and made with a desire to understand.

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What our members say about
Anastasia Pedersen


May 29, 2024

Anastasia has helped me understand and manage my trichotillomania in ways I didn’t think was possible. Anastasia took the time to understand my triggers and help me come up with solutions that work for my lifestyle. Using Habit Reversal Therapy I’ve been able to recognize my triggers and implement a competing response. I’ve already seen a decrease in my trichotillomania and it’s given me a lot of confidence to keep making progress. I look forward to my session each week because it’s a time to reflect on my progress, go over any new triggers or problems and set goals for the next week.


Apr 24, 2024

I think fate made Anastasia my therapist. She is an amazing person and has truly helped me more than I can describe.


Mar 19, 2024

She is amazing. Kind, supportive, but holds you accountable and pushes right beside you to get you to your next goal. She also remembers everything and I don’t have to revisit things

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