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OCD therapist Silvia Hazu, Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker, Licensed OCD Therapist

Silvia Hazu

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker


I may be the anxiety/OCD specialist, but you are the expert of your experience. My approach to treating OCD is collaborative. It's my priority that you feel treatment is progressing at an agreeable pace, that you're being heard, and that I'm in tune with you. I will guide you to gradually face your fears, with a lot of encouragement and support. Outside of work, my hobbies include cooking, baking, taking barre classes, and playing with my dog Noel. I'm also fluent in Armenian.

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I will be here to help support and guide you through this treatment. You absolutely can do it.

Get to know Silvia Hazu

As a highly analytical, INFJ, first-gen, highly sensitive person, I've always been drawn toward understanding the complexity of our human experience. I personally went through a lot of anxiety issues that I didn't understand at the time, and I didn't know where to turn. I love that I get to help people understand what they're experiencing and what we can do about it.

Some amazing people in my life have OCD. When I learned their stories, I was struck to my core. I couldn't believe someone could experience OCD without their friends and family knowing about it, understanding, or providing help. When I learned more about OCD's different subtypes, something in my head just said, 'This is what I want to specialize in.' OCD is so terribly misunderstood by others, even by mental health professionals. I feel so passionate about helping people get treatment and support that's right for them.

Depression and psychosis. Similarly to OCD, many people suffer from depression and/or psychosis in silence, and some people don't get effective treatment for many years. Having a therapist help someone stay afloat can be so pivotal for a person's treatment.

I think you're incredibly brave and courageous for taking this first step. ERP is tough, and some days will feel really hard. But you absolutely can do it. I will be here to help support and guide you through this treatment. We won't be jumping into the deep end; we'll take everything in small steps. Attending NOCD's support groups outside of session can also be really helpful; you can make new connections with others who are going through something similar.

There is no thought, urge, sensation, or fear you could share with me that would scare me away or make me judge you. This is exactly why I chose to specialize in OCD/anxiety—so you have a place where you can share the thoughts you're experiencing and feel understood.

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What our members say about
Silvia Hazu


May 02, 2024

Silvia has been amazing, she’s so compassionate & kind. It’s been so helpful working with her.


Apr 26, 2024

Silvia is so grounding as a therapist. I came to NOCD looking for support for trichotillomania and post-operative depression, and Silvia intervened on my fears with compassionate diagnostics and now methodological therapies. I'm grateful for her warm validation.

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