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OCD therapist Erin Crowley, Licensed Therapist, LMFT, Licensed OCD Therapist

Erin Crowley

Licensed Therapist, LMFT • (She/Her/Hers)

California State University- East Bay

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My experience with treating OCD:

I want you to have a life with the ability to make the choices you want, but that can be hard to do when you have OCD. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy allows you to do that.I’ve been practicing as a licensed therapist since 2014, and I know that learning how to manage OCD takes time, but not as much as you might think. After only a few sessions and a commitment to doing ERP, you may notice feeling significantly better.


About Me

The anxiety and tension levels that OCD can cause are hard to handle. I teach people with OCD that it’s not our thoughts or emotions that cause issues, but rather the reactions to those emotions or thoughts. I can help you by building a strong relationship founded on trust and safety. I’ve heard so many types of intrusive thoughts, and I’ll guide you according to your needs. Past clients have described me as warm and engaging. My clinical skills allow me to understand your challenges, and I’ll often infuse humor to relieve tension. You’ll be seen and heard by me, and by working together, you’ll be able to see a new future for yourself filled with optimism.

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What our members say about
Erin Crowley


Sep 12, 2022

Erin is helpful, positive, and optimistic. She did a great job walking me through the ERP process, and was encouraging and supportive. I am grateful for her guidance!


Jun 07, 2022

Erin is the best. I credit my recovery to her.


May 23, 2022

My therapist is so nice and patient. We walked together her on zoom. I thank her for her help.


May 03, 2022

My therapist Erin Crowley, she's excellent therapist, I like the way she's talking to me, she's listening to me carefully when I'm talking on my problem about OCD and other problems in my life, I feel very comfortable when I'm talking to her and as a person she's very nice sweet and happy person, I like her I like her character too, thank you, have a good day.


Apr 14, 2022

Erin was awesome and is really helping me get through this wave of OCD and anxiety. She has been really supportive.


Mar 11, 2022

Erin is always wonderful in helping me feel empowered. She has been instrumental in my recovery.


Feb 15, 2022

Amazing, as always!


Dec 21, 2021

Erin is very helpful with creating and conducting thoughtful erps. Her guidance is both supportive and therapeutic - she doesn't let you worm your way out of exposures, instead, she helps you push past the fears and anxiety.


Dec 15, 2021

Erin is an excellent therapist—very present and engaged as well as empathetic. She is a kind, gentle and attentive guide in the erp process. Plus I really appreciate her sense of humor!


Dec 14, 2021

Erin makes me feel very comfortable when talking to her, and I don't feel judged for anything I bring up to discuss. She is very accommodating and understands that healing is not just a linear process. She is also very open to discussing my well-being outside of my OCD, and is always providing me with resources to better help myself. I feel safe when talking to Erin and we connect very well.


Dec 14, 2021

My sessions are going well. The SUDS still feels a bit awkward for me, but that is bc ODC is so ingrained into my life.

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