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OCD therapist Robyn Pavlick, Licensed Therapist, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Robyn Pavlick

Licensed Therapist, LPC • (She/Her)

College of St. Elizabeth

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My experience with treating OCD:

Having been licensed since 2013, I’ve worked with people facing severe mental health challenges such as depression, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, and more. I’ve also spent time treating women at an inpatient substance abuse facility, seeing clients that exhibited OCD symptoms. As an OCD specialist, I use Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy, something I have experience using before arriving at NOCD. ERP is effective and proven to work for treating any OCD subtype.


About Me

I’ve worked for a few programs in New Jersey, such as Project Live and the Mommy & Me program, providing services to those in need. I love helping people obtain better mental health and seeing their progress. Having worked in so many types of environments, I’ve heard it all before. If you feel any hesitation to share your OCD experiences out of fear or shame, you’ll be met with a safe, non-judgemental space. You’ll find me to be a great listener, incredibly supportive, and very knowledgeable. We’ll work together to build a trusting relationship so you can feel comfortable being honest and open, leading to great sessions that move you forward to reaching your goals. I know you can achieve treatment success, and I’m here to guide you through it.

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What our members say about
Robyn Pavlick


Sep 17, 2022

Robyn has so much empathy & helps me feel at ease. This really helps with the process. Thank you!


Sep 09, 2022

Great first session! Robyn is so patient and kind and I can tell that she really understands the OCD struggle. I felt like I probably talked too much and afterwards I felt sort of bad for rambling on (even though Robyn still kept the session on track like a total pro!) but I realized that happened because Robyn instantly made me feel comfortable and safe enough to let everything out. I actually really needed that and now I feel even more ready and excited to move past the recent bad times in my life and focus on ERP and getting my life back!


Jul 30, 2022

Great session, my therapist is warm and kind! Excited about the progress I'm making!


Jul 21, 2022

She did a wonderful job at staying present and attentive to my concerns, during our first session. Leaving me with the impression that we’ll have some constructive breakthrough sessions in the months to come.


Jul 01, 2022

Robyn is an absolute rockstar! ? I am just incredibly grateful I have the chance to work with her as my ERP therapist as well as have her as an Mental Health advocate whilst I learn to navigate my newly diagnosed, (although it was decades long persuit for this true and correct diagnosis to go alongside my Bipolar I). In Robyn I have found someone whom not only BELIEVES me and what I’m saying, but also believes my symptoms are REAL and not made up and are really are intrusive to the point of receiving the official OCD diagnosis. She agrees that I am not the terrible person OCD wants me to believe and accept. She also understands and non judgmentally supports my own kind of debilitating hell consisting of horrific, and just disgustingly appalling and totally unwanted thoughts that would give any neurotypical person nightmares. Through my time consuming the ridiculously mindlessness of “being afraid of everything” and avoiding most things in life, it has completely traumatized me and completely ruined my self esteem, self confidence and self image, it’s just a long heartbreaking story…..and I am at the point where I believe I am deserving of a new happier chapter in the story of my life! Still though, along comes Robyn, and she STILL ACCEPTS me! She is constantly validating me and really just shows the most utmost respect to me through all of this! Robyn is incredibly kind and personable and I feel so incredibly fortunate that she was available to take me on as a new client! As I am officially starting ERP at my next appointment on July 4th, 2022 and I know life is going to change for me, drastically. It’s going to be a pretty tough at first from what I remember from working on exposure therapy more then a decade ago, and I know with Robyn, the multitude of NOCD support groups I have joined, my own mental health providers outside of NOCD and my lovely family, that anything really and truly is possible! I am ready to face this unwanted entity, (OCD) that wants to control me and see me fail….not this time OCD, I have an army fighting for me, and 3 amazing children to fight for! They deserve a level headed and present mama. I got this, I am scared, but then again I am only human and there has been so many years of fears, phobias, superstitions that got out of control, hellish obsessions and debilitating compulsions. My children deserve the best version of there mom as well as my partner for 26 years does as well, for those reasons I am relentlessly, and on my own, perusing ERP to be the best version of myself for me, I deserve joy and happiness, love and kindness. I just want to be free. Thx ☺️


May 25, 2022

I love my therapist she is getting me my life back!!!


May 10, 2022

I could not have made it this far without an amazing therapist!!!!


May 09, 2022

Robyn is kind, and she listens well! I am looking forward to working with her.


May 03, 2022

Robyn made me feel accepted, understood and that I am not without hope. It is such a relief to share my intrusive thoughts without judgment. Only grace.


Apr 26, 2022

Robyn was terrific. During our first session she outlined the process for my son's treatment, asked lots of great and important questions and listened to what he was communicating. So glad we found NOCD.


Mar 30, 2022

My therapist is the best! We went at my pace and I am able to conquer so much with her guidance!!!


Mar 23, 2022

I really appreciate her effort to do whatever she can do to help me. I know I can be difficult, but she is patient and keeps on doing her best.


Feb 24, 2022

I can’t express enough how much my therapist has helped me. I have improved significantly since I’ve been going to her.

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