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OCD therapist Julie Vierling, Licensed Therapist, LISW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Julie Vierling


Licensed Therapist, LISW


I realize that the idea of sharing your OCD thoughts with me can feel uncomfortable, but I'm here to offer support without judgment. You are not a bad person; you're simply in the midst of a challenging situation. I'm here to listen with a kind heart, to find out what your needs are. We'll build your comfort level from session to session, so you can feel good about speaking freely.

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I will move you along at your own pace. I'm not going to make you do what you don't want to do. I'm going to be supportive in helping you achieve what you want to achieve.

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What our members say about
Julie Vierling


Jan 14, 2024

My therapy took an unexpected turn this year when unpredicted, unprecedented life events left me reeling. Prior to the unfolding of events this summer, I had reached a point in which I felt nearly "recovered" from my maladaptive OCD patterns and tendencies, thanks to my work with Julie. However, due to the stressors of life events, I have struggled with maintaining my newly-formed healthy habits. Julie has been a constant source of support, and patience, as I attempt to navigate uncertain circumstances and keep applying my healthy coping habits despite the stress of uncertainty. I cannot comfortably check the "I'm clear on what comes next" box, due to my own resistance to making major plans in my uncertain life situation, but it is in no way a reflection of Julie's strength as a therapist. She is a kind but firm, supportive practitioner of ERP, who has always supported my ability to practice self-care without validating rumination the way traditional CBT did (for me anyway). I have nothing but gratitude for my encounters with Julie.


Nov 01, 2023

Julie has done a wonderful job helping me to understand and effectively manage my compulsive mental habits. I have strategies for handling intrusive thoughts so that I don’t immediately identify with them anymore, and I’m able to get observe them, rather than follow the maladaptive path of rumination that I’ve walked for so long.


Sep 21, 2023

I always get so much out of my meetings with Julie!


Sep 12, 2023

Julie has really helped me! So glad to have started this journey and wish I had begun it years ago!


Sep 08, 2023

Julie is wonderful! She really helped me and pitched the session at the appropriate level. I feel like I am making progress.


Aug 25, 2023

Julie is great!!!!


Aug 17, 2023

Julie is such a great listener!


Jul 20, 2023

Julie has been such a tremendous help to me. Every week she manages to bring new insight into the ways of OCD and the tools to effectively deal with it.


Jul 13, 2023

Julie is so helpful to me in being able to spot my ocd and help me to see it for what it is.


Jun 15, 2023

Julie is always so helpful! Today she helped me recognize OCD when I was struggling. She helps me feel empowered!


May 25, 2023

The things Julie says during our sessions really hit home! She has helped me to see what OCD really!!!


May 24, 2023

Thank you, Julie!


May 17, 2023

Julie has been my rock lately. I’m dealing with a difficult situation in my personal life and she’s not only helping me to navigate the associated feelings, but to stay aware of how my OCD patterns of thinking can emerge unnoticed during times of stress and change.


May 03, 2023

Julie is very easy to talk to!!!


Jan 03, 2023

Julie helped me to use ERP to address and come down from a very stressful place today. She is awesome!


Nov 15, 2022

So happy to have found Julie and start this journey. She gets it

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