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OCD therapist Mena Soliman, Licensed Therapist, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Mena Soliman


Licensed Therapist, LMHC


I'm a direct and collaborative therapist. I will not force you to do anything you are uncomfortable with, but I will push you when necessary. Outside of work, I enjoy spending time with my family, watching mindless shows together. I also enjoy dancing, singing and reading. When the weather permits, I like to go hiking and biking.

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In OCD therapy, we develop your goals and treatment plans together as a team.

Get to know Mena Soliman

I became a therapist because I enjoy helping others, especially when individuals are living in discomfort. I watched distant family members struggle with mental disorders, believing that therapy was taboo, resisting help when it was provided or judging those who did seek help. As an act of rebellion, I became the first therapist in my family!

I have family members who have struggled with OCD. Very limited resources were available to help them. I didn't realize some had OCD until I received OCD/ERP training.

Anxiety, depression, and adjustment disorders. At the beginning of my career I primarily worked with college students, and most of their diagnoses stemmed from life transitions and stress caused by their environment. Periods of heightened stress can increase anxiety and OCD symptoms. In fact, OCD nurtures itself from the anxiety and discomfort it subjects individuals to. Learning how to sit with anxiety and discomfort is how we can fight OCD.

At times, it gets tougher before it gets easier, and that is completely normal! There is no rush to your process. We develop your goals and treatment plans together as a team.

This is an open space and judgment-free zone. I hope you find it easy to be honest with me so I can help you to the best of my ability. Let me know if you're uncomfortable or afraid, and we can find ways to combat the fear together.

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New York

What our members say about
Mena Soliman


Sep 29, 2023

Explained well how ocd works


Sep 15, 2023

Wish I could have connected a little bit better with her. Other than that, everything was great! I do wish she had more availability to meet with her again. She said she was booked out for two weeks.


Sep 07, 2023

Mena was so thorough in her explanations of how treatment would work & I felt like she really understood my concerns & empathized with me about them.


Aug 16, 2023

Mena was an absolute pleasure to work with. She helped me through my compulsions through the use of ERP with her extensive knowledge. I highly recommend her. Mena provided me with the tools I need to combat OCD and now I am able to view OCD from a different lens from before.


Jul 24, 2023

It’s only the second session but I feel like I’m understood. I feel like the assessment and questions really helped me to realize that there’s reason for the way I’ve been feeling how I do.


Jul 14, 2023

I have had 3 sessions now and most have been intake. I have yet to start on my treatment. I like my therapist she is very knowledgeable but the amount of contact is overwhelming. I get multiple texts, calls and emails daily from NOCD. This alone is adding stress. They even called my therapist mid session and she had to pause our video chat. I would not use NOCD again if I end up not sticking with this therapist for these reasons.


Jun 12, 2023

Mena is always very supportive and encouraging.


Jun 09, 2023

I am so impressed with Mena. I really thought I could never escape OCD’s control and in just ten weeks I’ve made a 180° change. It’s incredible and I appreciate her so much!


Jun 05, 2023

Mena is helping me greatly in overcoming my ocd fears and compulsions.


May 12, 2023

Love my therapist! She knows her shit!

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