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Andrew Moeller


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I do everything I can to make therapy a collaborative process. I focus on creating a safe space and normalizing a lot of experiences we bring into therapy that don't normally get discussed. I'm in the passenger seat with you; I'm not steering the car. In my downtime, I'm an avid video game player. It's been a hobby of mine since I was 10 years old. It's stress-relieving, and video games are a great way to engage with different aspects of your brain.

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I love seeing people be able to make changes. I like being able to lay things out and work with members to identify behaviors that aren't working, then help them flip those around.

Get to know Andrew Moeller

I've always been interested in the mind and how it works, and I was interested in helping people. I thought I would try psychology in college, just see how it felt, and it felt great. It just clicked. I've never looked back.

I like helping people with anxiety. I love seeing people make changes. I like being able to lay things out and work with members to identify behaviors that aren't working, then help them flip those around. Working with OCD aligned well with my work as a therapist. It felt like a pretty natural jump.

I’ve worked with a little bit of everything. I'd been working in general talk therapy for the better part of a decade leading up to my time with NOCD. I've done a lot of work with children and adolescents, with anxiety and depression, and with couples. Anxiety work has stood out to me as the most natural, and that's where I tend to focus.

It's OK to feel uncomfortable in this experience. This therapy is about habit-breaking, so the decision to step away from things that might feel pretty comfortable right now is not easy. You've got to be OK taking the training wheels off at times, and that's really scary. It's fine that it is, but you should know that this discomfort is a pretty necessary piece of therapy.

I will always say go at your own pace. I'm never one to say we've got to talk about anything in particular. It is incredibly powerful, and somewhat liberating, to talk about things that we weren’t able to discuss at first. That said, it's not a necessity to talk about all this stuff right away. I'm fine following your pace, and when you feel comfortable sharing more, I'm an open ear.

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West Virginia

What our members say about
Andrew Moeller


Nov 09, 2023

Andrew is phenomenal. Hears my every agonizing issue and responds with compassion, kindness, and a plan of action. I’m a compulsive reassurance seeker, and he never gives me the reassurance I fish for with regularity. I really couldn’t ask for much more. He’s awesome.


Aug 02, 2023

Andrew is a kind soul and really puts the patients needs first. He will go at your pace and do what's best for your treatment goals.


Jul 21, 2023

I went to NOCD at the end of my rope. I was entangled with disturbing intrusive thoughts and felt completely overwhelmed. In my first session I immediately felt heard and understood. The months that followed were a challenge, but after completing my treatment I can comfortably acknowledge two things. The first is that I have OCD and I always will. The second is that I have the tools to manage my OCD and it is no longer an issue in my life. What was once a horrible discomfort that dominated my life is now little more than an occasional nuisance. I enthusiastically encourage anyone with untreated OCD to try the program. You can get better.


Jul 20, 2023

My time with NOCD has taught me practical skills I can utilize when OCD thinking and behavior arises. It’s a very structured, standardized therapy modality. Given OCD is not my primary diagnosis, ERP is complement, not a substitute for traditional therapy. I found my therapist and the company to be professional, responsive, and patient.


Jul 19, 2023

He had a lot he was supposed to say so it kind of made me feel rushed but that’s not his fault. Hopefully as therapy starts things can slow down and feel more connected. But he seemed very competent.


Jun 02, 2023

Andrew was excellent and made me feel very excited about moving forward with therapy with him and NOCD!


May 25, 2023

He is amazing already just with the one visit!! I have so much faith in this!


May 22, 2023

Andrew is awesome. He listens well and gives great advice. Very nice, always on time too!


May 11, 2023

Andrew is always ready to shift approaches depending on what my OCD is looking like I appreciate that


Mar 22, 2023

He was understanding and gave lots of useful feedback. We learned lots of useful tools to help us!


Mar 14, 2023

Andrew is very knowledgeable and covered all aspects of treatment in a respectful manner. I felt heard, comfortable, and optimistic he could relate to how I was feeling and could implement the treatment that would be best for me. I am excited to work with him and make progress.


Oct 25, 2022

10 stars on a five star scale


Aug 23, 2022

Thank you Andrew. Great therapist


Aug 10, 2022

Always a pleasure talking to Andrew .


Jul 08, 2022

Andrew’s support always gets me back on track!


Jul 05, 2022

I like Andrew. He seems locked in and I’m optimistic


Jun 28, 2022

Looking forward to working with Andrew.


Jun 07, 2022

Andrew is a super skillful therapist who will meet you where you’re at. He’s already helped me build a better understanding of my personal experience of OCD, and I trust him with the things that are hardest to share. I’m getting to access a quality of care I haven’t had access to in a long time.


May 21, 2022

First appointment/intake went very well. My therapist took the necessary time to get to know me.


Apr 19, 2022

My first session went very well. Andrew was patient & I definitely felt heard. He was very clear/ open, systematic, thorough with communication & information. After the session I feel more confident that I am on the right track to knowing & addressing my personal issues accordingly & therapeutically.


Jan 18, 2022

Great session, very informative. I appreciate the therapist’s extensive knowledge and communication style.


Jan 12, 2022

Wonderful session, the therapist was so kind and respectful and made me truly feel heard and seen.

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