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OCD therapist Jennifer Ray, Licensed Therapist, BA, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Jennifer Ray

Licensed Therapist, BA, LCSW


I will help you identify your obsessions, whether they're thoughts, images, or urges. This might be the first place you are able to identify those thoughts and say them aloud. There is no judgment. After we've explored your obsessions, we'll work on skills to reduce or eliminate compulsions. We will work at a pace that you are comfortable with. I will never ask you to do something that I wouldn't do myself. Outside of work, I'm kind of a homebody. I love watching TV, cooking, baking, looking at cookbooks, and doing yard work (when the weather in California isn't too hot). I also love roller skating, shopping, visiting the beach, and eating at restaurants. I have two lovely dogs.

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It takes a lot to ask for help, and I'm here to support you. You will learn to live with the uncertainty life can bring.

Get to know Jennifer Ray

I've always had an interest in mental health. I truly enjoy spending time with people one on one. My family is in the helping professions, which contributed to my journey. In 2012, I took an undergraduate degree in psychology, and I really enjoyed the clinical psychology courses. I’m so glad I chose this field.

OCD is a misunderstood diagnosis. Because of this, people with OCD go untreated, leading to unnecessary distress and impairment. I want to be involved in an evidence-based treatment, meaning that studies have backed its effectiveness. I believe that by treating OCD, I can help people live a more value-based life.

My focus is on major depression and anxiety disorders. I use cognitive behavioral therapy and acceptance and commitment therapy. I've seen firsthand how debilitating these disorders can be, but recovery is possible for everyone.

The first session is usually the scariest—or the most exciting; it depends on how you look at it! It takes a lot to ask for help, and I'm here to support you. Treatment will include exposure and response therapy. We will move into this gradually, at a pace you're OK with. Things can feel like they're getting worse before they get better. You will learn to live with the uncertainty life can bring.

Please remember that therapy is the one place you can share scary thoughts. It is acceptable and expected. Remember that thoughts are just thoughts. Your heart creates a beat, and your mind creates thoughts. It's that way for all of us—even me. I will often check in with you and might ask, 'Is there anything that you haven't shared yet? Is there anything you wanted to share in therapy but haven't been able to up to this point?' Sometimes this can help.

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