Nicole McCutchan

Nicole McCutchan

Licensed Therapist, LCSW • (She/Her/Hers)

University of South Florida

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My experience with treating OCD:

My OCD became problematic over 30 years ago. I was diagnosed incorrectly, and struggled with OCD for a long time. This affected my relationships and work for years until I found treatment that actually helped me get better, which wasExposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy. I quit my career in IT to become a specialized OCD therapist. I myself use ERP because I know from firsthand experience that it works.


About Me

OCD can be debilitating and demeaning, and being able to build your ability to fight OCD on your own is a major accomplishment for us both. If you’re experiencing intrusive thoughts, urges, or mental images and don’t know how to get away from them, I can help. Members share that they appreciate the respect that I give them, helping them to find their own personal strengths. The more open you are, the easier it will be to figure out appropriate treatments. ERP requires teamwork, clear guidance, and the ability to do the work necessary to build up your strength to win against OCD. I look forward to working with you.

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What our members say about
Nicole McCutchan


Apr 07, 2021

She is kind and welcoming. Knows ERP and OCD.


Apr 09, 2021

I really love Nicole. She's easy to talk to and easy to open up to. The stuff I'm dealing with is hard, and it helps to listen to her because she has a nice calm voice and she really cares about you you can tell. Thank you for pairing me up with her.


Jun 17, 2021

Nichole is great! She helped me so much. I discovered my root cause to my OCD and now I feel so much more in control. I can't enough about this program. It's definitely a life cganger. Thank you so much.


Jun 25, 2021

We really attacked the OCD!


Jul 13, 2021

I like Nicole a lot. She speaks to me like a person and not a patient.


Aug 26, 2021

Great first session exploring where we are today, as well as the past and what I’d like to work on fir the future.


Oct 30, 2021

I appreciated how Nicole listened intently and kept me on track, which is one of my difficulties. Speaking to my advocate was wonderful also, Danielle helped me appreciate that I can go to her if ever need to. I am simply excited for this coming journey and hope and pray for positive results that I so yearn!!!


Nov 16, 2021

Nicole is a fantastic therapist, she is so supportive and has helped me leaps and bounds

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