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Jordan Yarbrough


Licensed Therapist, MS, LMFT #131763

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As a therapist, I like to create an environment that feels laid-back and direct, not sterile or clinical. It's my goal just to show up as myself. I'm also a very direct therapist, and I don't sugarcoat things. I do deep work to ensure you're working toward your goals, but you're the one who is driving the treatment. Fun facts about me: I have a hamster named Moody, I play the ukulele, and I really love to do karaoke.

From my personal and professional experience, I know that people start to heal the moment they feel heard. I'm here to listen to you, and to help you find relief from your struggles with OCD.

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Jordan Yarbrough


Mar 14, 2023

My therapist Jordan is funny, down-to-earth, relatable, and knowledgeable and knows exactly how to treat and respond to anything I am experiencing or mention. It makes me feel confident that I will be successful in managing my OCD since she (and NOCD) knows exactly how to treat it. It is refreshing coming from traditional talk therapy which was not helpful to me.


Oct 05, 2022

My therapist Jordan is very caring and really listens. She is the best therapist I have ever had


Sep 29, 2022

My therapist Jordan is wonderful. We started ERP therapy immediately and I am noticing results. I am very pleased with my therapist


Sep 26, 2022

Exposure Therapy was excellent !


Sep 20, 2022

Jordan strikes a great balance between comfort and truth, with encouragement.

Written by Jordan Yarbrough

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Jordan Yarbrough

Jordan Yarbrough about 2 months

I came up with analogy that I have been sharing with my members and they have been finding it very helpful so I wanted to post it here too! You know when you're coming out of the grocery store... and there are people handing out their pamphlets (trying to recruit, promote, or get donations for their cause?)THAT'S YOUR OCD... You have a couple of options on how to respond (or not respond)... and the choice is ultimately yours. 1. You can say "no thank you" (not engage with it- utilizing Response Prevention) 2. Take the pamphlet and carry it with you, maybe even reading it later (do your compulsions and keep doing them) 3. Stand there and "talk" (engage with the thoughts and do mental compulsions) OR 4. Take the pamphlet, give it back or discard of it (do a compulsion and then undo the compulsion) You'd never stand there and play tug of war with the pamphlet people or scream at them to STOP... so don't do this with your OCD. You can have awareness that your intrusive thoughts are there.. but you do not have to engage with them. Make that choice to not respond; walk away and say "no thank you". Make that choice to do Response Prevention.

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