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OCD therapist Danielle Wolman, Licensed Therapist, MS, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Danielle Wolman

Licensed Therapist, MS, LCSW


I believe one of the most important functions of a therapist is to create a connection in session, so you feel like you can open up and just be yourself. My approach is warm and down to earth. I will work diligently to understand your unique story and lived experience. This is a two-way street; therapy works best when there is an open line of communication. I have training and expertise, but you know best what works and what doesn’t. Outside of work, I love going to live music events, my favorite museums in NYC like the Whitney, and watching movies ranging from classic cinema to horror. A fun fact about me: Before the days of Netflix and streaming, I was a clerk in a video store called Video Ranger.

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Therapy can be hard work—we will do some heavy lifting—but I assure you that we'll have some fun along the way. I ascribe to the philosophy that we can get through things better with laughter.

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It started when I was young, probably around age 5. My paternal grandmother was an analytical thinker. She always paused to consider the root of a behavior, instead of becoming distracted by the actual behavior. Like many children, I would get into mischief. Instead of scolding me, she'd have me sit beside her and we would talk it out. She called it 'Dr. Ruth time.' She would help me think about my feelings and actions and reflect on how I could communicate my needs differently. Her gentle and inquisitive demeanor put me at ease. Then and there, I wanted to emulate that approach. Here I am, my dreams realized. I'm doing what I love and what I'm passionate about. I love every aspect of what it means to be human and what makes people who they are.

I have family members who've suffered significantly from crippling OCD and variations of anxiety. I've seen them at their worst, but I've also seen them thrive. I want to be connected to the thriving part. I'd like to help free people from the prison our minds can create. When our minds are open and free from noise, we can all be keyholders and unlock our full potential.

I have specialized in addiction services since 2008. In working with this population, I've learned that using is often deeply rooted in traumatic experiences and comorbid illnesses such as depression and anxiety. I've worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, which has given me the opportunity to see how beautiful it is when folks can reclaim their identity from the disease of addiction. I believe my experiences will be helpful to folks suffering from OCD.

First, it starts with you. You'll get the most benefit if you share openly and honestly. I'll prepare our therapeutic space to be a place that is free from judgment and where you'll feel supported. My top priority is that you feel comfortable and relaxed. Therapy can be hard work—we will do some heavy lifting—but I assure you we'll have some fun along the way. I ascribe to the philosophy that we can get through things better with laughter.

Just let me know that something is burdening you. I can hold that space for you and help you to explore it. Remember: The things that plague us most are untold. They're locked in our own minds, subject to only our internal dialogue. I've found that once we expose those secrets, they no longer have control over us. They become more tangible, opening the door to allow others to help us so we don’t have to go it alone, giving us less weight, releasing the burden of holding onto them.

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