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OCD therapist Emma Beneke, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Emma Beneke


Licensed Therapist, LCSW

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I like getting to know people and I value support and connection. I have a lot of experience working with people with anxiety and can relate to those feelings. Outside of work, I love spending time outdoors with my family. I like the quote, 'Nothing in nature is rushed, and yet everything occurs when it should.'

It's important to know that during this new difficult process, you will have support. I want to make sure we move at a pace that's comfortable for you.

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North Carolina

What our members say about
Emma Beneke


Sep 29, 2023

I’ve been working with Emma for 5 months now and I find her to have incredible skills, knowledge, insight, ability, and compassion as a therapist. Though my progress hasn’t been linear (and, as I’ve learned from Emma, it often isn’t), I’ve progressed. I went from laying in bed most weekends hiding from the world to laying in bed some weekends hiding from the world and some weekends being out in the world engaging in activities I want to be doing. So I’m very thankful for her and for NOCD


Sep 21, 2023

Love her and her ability to help me in all parts of my life not just my OCD!


Aug 29, 2023

I am so happy to have Emma! She is very considerate and well-versed on dealing with anxiety and OCD.


Aug 23, 2023

Great session! Helpful strategies. Emma is incredibly patient and is really great at listening and providing advice


Aug 10, 2023

I have been working with Emma now for 4 months and I am so grateful to be working with her. I find her to be extremely skilled, knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate. Highly recommend.


Jul 26, 2023

Emma was wonderful as always. I leave our session feeling challenged and supported.


Jul 20, 2023

Emma is an expert. She is knowledgeable and helpful and understanding and personable.


Jul 17, 2023

I have had a great experience with NOCD. Emma B. is incredibly skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate. The app is very easy to use and I’m very impressed with it.


Jul 14, 2023

Emma was a wonderful help, and I am excited to start a treatment plan.


Jun 22, 2023

Emma is wonderful. Her style of therapy comes from equal parts compassion, kindness, wisdom, and intelligence (in no particular order:). I am progressing much farther along than I expected to and I credit skill and ability to listen and reflect back. I feel so fortunate and grateful to be working with her.


Apr 12, 2023

Emma is an amazing therapist!! I truly have grown from her sessions. She is always willing to listen and very patient. She helped me get my life back! I’ll forever be grateful.


Mar 30, 2023

Emma is very skilled — she’s an excellent listener, empathetic, encouraging and kind. She was able to construct a really good “big picture” of me, my OCD concerns and trauma issues that will be important to address. I was impressed by her ability to plan next steps for me, prepare documents, figure out and modify the best approach for my needs as I provided her with more and more of my story—all while listening very carefully. I felt very comfortable and know that I’m in good hands! Thank you.


Jan 12, 2023

Emma is compassionate, knowledgable, and supportive.


Jan 05, 2023

Emma is such an expert!


Nov 07, 2022

My therapist is really patient with me!


Oct 26, 2022

Emma is fantastic!


Oct 17, 2022

I can tell my therapist actually cares about me as a person!


Oct 06, 2022

An amazing therapist that has been helping me take my life back from ocd!


Sep 06, 2022

Emma has been wonderful and always willling to listen and help!


Aug 29, 2022

Love Emma! I’m so excited to see where her coaching through ERP takes me!


Aug 23, 2022

Excellent session!


Aug 16, 2022

Emma is quite knowledgeable about working with people with OCD and is also great at including parents in treatment plans.


Aug 02, 2022

I am really looking forward to my future sessions with Emma!


Jul 17, 2022

I was feeling very anxious about a situation. Emma helped me understand how I had a particular way of viewing it. She explained a way for me to perceive it differently which gave me a lightbulb moment. I have been feeling better and empowered ever since!


Jul 14, 2022

Concrete advice!


Jul 14, 2022

Emma is an expert therapist. She is compassionate. She clearly explains treatment plans. Her verbal communication is clear, and her tone of voice is calming. Her facial expressions convey openness and non judgement.


Jul 10, 2022

Emma is very skilled at summarizing what I explain. She makes me feel comfortable during therapy.


Jun 21, 2022

Emma is a perfect combination of expertise and compassion and encouragement.


May 26, 2022

Optimistic she’s willing to help for sure. Optimistic I’ll be able to do this? It’s going to be hard


Apr 18, 2022

Emma is amazing! I look forward to our sessions as she is helping me tremendously through this journey.

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