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OCD therapist Tracy Mowles, Licensed Therapist, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Tracy Mowles

Licensed Therapist, LPC • (She/Her/Hers)

Old Dominion University

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My experience with treating OCD:

I've been a licensed professional counselor since 2014, with a background in outpatient counseling. Dealing with families and individuals facing challenges associated with intrusive thoughts and anxiety has led me to NOCD. I can apply my techniques to help you put your OCD troubles behind you. Exposure and Response Prevention (ERP) therapy has an excellent track record of success for treating OCD, helping NOCD members experience fewer compulsions and obsessions. Let's add you to the chain of NOCD success stories.


About Me

I know you're feeling doubt, shame, or fear (maybe even all of them) about speaking up about your unwanted thoughts. But I want you to know that you are not your OCD thoughts. A strong relationship is the backbone for treatment success, and I'm here to connect with you so we can build trust between each other. You'll find a safe setting to provide support and guidance on your journey towards freedom from OCD's anxiety. Members describe me as an encouraging therapist that will push you out of your comfort zone when the time is appropriate. I'm here to support your progress to ensure that you don't spend years in treatment. Let's work together so that you can beat your OCD.

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What our members say about
Tracy Mowles


Sep 30, 2022

She is very knowledgeable and assertive. I am very happy to have her as a therapist.


Sep 21, 2022

I am extremely pleased with my therapist.


Aug 22, 2022

Tracy is very easy going and easy to talk too! Feel comfortable and confident on future appointments!


Aug 12, 2022

Keep up the good work!


Jul 22, 2022

Took her time to understand my particular situation. And kept asking questions and commenting on things that were relevant to what could be triggering my obsessions and compulsions.


Dec 22, 2021

Tracy was great and I am optimistic about treatment!

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