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OCD therapist Ginny Dolores, Associate Clinical Social Worker, Licensed OCD Therapist

Ginny Dolores


4 years of experience

Associate Clinical Social Worker


My approach to treating OCD is grounded in compassion, empathy, and respect, guided by a commitment to providing comprehensive and culturally competent care. I'll provide psychoeducation to help you understand OCD and how ERP works to disrupt its cycle. We'll go at your pace, never pressuring you into exposures before you're ready. Outside of work, I love taking walks in nature, strumming tunes on my ukulele and guitar, singing karaoke, and doing TikTok dances. I'm a certified yoga teacher, so you'll often find me immersed in yoga and meditation practices.

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Get to know Ginny Dolores

In graduate school, I envisioned pursuing a career as a macro social worker. But when I delved into courses on trauma and mental health, everything changed. There, my passion ignited. During this time, I found myself struggling with my own mental health challenges and sought the support of a therapist. I experienced profound healing, personal growth, and recovery. Therapy saved my life, and because of this, I felt compelled to pay it forward and guide others on their own paths to healing.

I've witnessed the impact of OCD on people in my personal life. OCD is often undertreated and misunderstood. This motivated me to join a group of therapists who are dedicated to ensuring proper diagnosis and treatment for individuals with this disorder.

In addition to OCD, my areas of focus include anxiety, depression, trauma, self-esteem, PTSD, gender-affirming care, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ mental health.

Before starting NOCD Therapy, it's important to understand that we're here to support you every step of the way. Our therapists are experts in mental health, and you are the expert in your own life. Therapy at NOCD is a collaborative process where we work together to challenge OCD and related conditions. During treatment, you'll be guided through ERP exercises designed to help you confront your fears and reduce anxiety. While these exercises may initially cause discomfort, remember that it's temporary, and the long-term relief you'll experience is well worth it. We're here to coach you through the process and provide support whenever you need it.

If you're feeling scared to share your thoughts with me, I invite you to let me know so we can talk about it. I’m not here to judge you. Together, we’ll collaborate to create a safe and trusting space where you can feel free to express yourself.

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