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OCD therapist Diana Matthiessen, Associate Therapist, LMSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Diana Matthiessen


Associate Therapist, LMSW

Pre-license number: 120894

Under the supervision of Sara Kucker


I approach treating OCD with a great deal of enthusiasm and compassion. I'm strengths-based and client-centered. If you've shown up for therapy at NOCD, you've already taken a huge step toward getting back to the life you want. I'm mainly here to provide support, encouragement, and knowledge as you choose how you want to live your life. Outside of work, I love baking (mainly cookies), spending time outside, and watching reality TV. My favorite fun fact to share is that I know how to unicycle.

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You have come to the right place. This work can be challenging—and it will be worth it. You can get back to doing the things you love.

Get to know Diana Matthiessen

I've always been interested in psychology and helping others. I realized in college that the best way I can contribute is through therapy. I greatly enjoy connecting with people and getting to hear their life stories.

I decided to specialize in OCD because I've seen a need for more OCD- and ERP-trained therapists. I always found OCD interesting while studying it in school. When I started to work in the OCD treatment field, I discovered how inspiring it is to see people choose their values and engage with ERP.

In addition to treating OCD, I have experience working with depression, anxiety, and psychosis. During graduate school, I also completed an internship as a high school adjustment counselor, so I have an understanding of school systems as well.

You have come to the right place. This work can be challenging—and it will be worth it. We will collaborate to ensure we're focusing on areas that are meaningful to you, so you can get back to doing the things you love.

Remember that thoughts are just thoughts. They don't say anything about who you are as a person. We all get weird, intrusive thoughts sometimes. I've been working with OCD for a few years, so I won't be fazed by whatever kind of thoughts you share. I understand that taking the first step to share your thoughts can be scary. Once you start opening up about your experience, we can really get started on helping you begin to feel better!

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