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OCD therapist Brittany Flores, Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, Licensed OCD Therapist

Brittany Flores

Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist


My approach to treating OCD includes providing a gentle, accepting atmosphere for our sessions. I often utilized acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), which couples well with ERP, to support members in living a more meaningful and full life. Every day, I get to witness the resiliency of the human spirit and individuals' capacity for change. It's an honor to be able to work alongside others and witness their growth. When I’m not in my office, I love trail running, training for races, and spending time in the mountains. I also enjoy baking desserts, being with my pets, and listening to music.

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On the other side of OCD therapy are meaningful results that will help you live the life that's most fulfilling to you.

Get to know Brittany Flores

My desire to become a therapist has been compelled by my belief that everyone deserves healing. I wanted to pursue a career that aligns with my values of compassion, gentleness, and authenticity. Being a therapist has given me the ability to implement these values every day, and to learn continuously. I truly believe in the power of therapy and its ability to facilitate transformation and healing.

I decided to specialize in OCD because I recognized the great need in this field for well-trained therapists. OCD is often misunderstood and not effectively treated, and it can be debilitating. There is a clear need for those experiencing OCD to access effective, research-backed treatment. After learning more about exposure and response prevention, I wanted to expand my clinical skill set and implement this form of therapy well.

My clinical background includes delivering substance use disorder treatment to adolescents, families, and adults. This experience has allowed me to work with co-occurring disorders, such as anxiety and mood disorders. I have also delivered behavioral therapy to youth with neurodevelopmental disorders.

Extensive research has shown that ERP is a powerful and highly effective treatment. Engaging in this modality and learning to tolerate anxiety can feel uncomfortable, and this is a part of the process to be prepared for. On the other side of this discomfort are the meaningful results that help you live the life that's most fulfilling to you.

Feeling nervous or uncomfortable about sharing our thoughts is a normal and very common part of therapy. Many people worry about judgment or a negative reaction. Pushing past this discomfort can allow you to get the support you deserve. I welcome you to set the pace and to share your thoughts when you are ready.

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