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OCD therapist Jennifer Kowalski, Licensed Therapist, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Jennifer Kowalski


Licensed Therapist, LPC


I like to get a good understanding of how your OCD developed and what obsessions and compulsions have developed as a result. We'll go through this in-depth, and then you'll be asked to challenge yourself. It will be uncomfortable, and you'll feel pushed to confront your thoughts and behaviors, but this is how you recover. Outside of work, I love to spend time with my family and dogs Waffles and Pepper. We like to go for walks, swim, cook delicious meals, and watch documentaries. When I like to treat myself, I go for a massage or get a pedicure. I also love a good book, and I'm always open to new recommendations.

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Recovering from OCD is not easy. You're being asked to let go of a system of beliefs and behaviors that you've developed to keep you safe. But this system is no longer serving you, and it's time to change.

Get to know Jennifer Kowalski

As a teenager, I developed depression and anxiety, but I never asked for help. I would read books and diagnose myself, and I struggled quietly for many years. I felt ashamed of what I was feeling because it wasn’t talked about. As I matured, I learned there wasn’t anything wrong with me; I was just coping the best I could. I wanted to help others learn there isn’t any shame in these disorders. In fact, shame often keeps us from getting better.

People who have OCD just want to feel safe and secure. They've developed a pattern of behaviors that make them feel that way, but they also feel trapped by their rituals. It's a painful condition that can be overcome with the right treatment and support. I wanted to specialize in OCD because it often takes a person who can provide gentle confrontation while ensuring people feel safe and secure. I grew up in a home where a parent has a hoarding disorder. It has been an ongoing challenge to remind my loved one that these items aren't giving them the safety and security they're believed to possess.

In addition to OCD, I also specialize in anxiety-related disorders, depression, and parenting issues. I've worked with chronic mental illness and substance abuse for many years.

Recovering from OCD is not easy. You're being asked to let go of a system of beliefs and behaviors that you've developed to keep you safe. But this system is no longer serving you, and it's time to change. Together we are going to challenge this system. It will be unpleasant at times, but we will go at your pace.

If at any time you feel we're going too fast, or you don’t like my approach, please let me know. This is how I learn how you want me to work with you, and it will help me in working with others. If you're pushing me to stop, I may ask if that's because you're uncomfortable giving up your OCD behaviors. I'll challenge you to think about whether you're upset with me or the treatment. Either way, we'll have a conversation about it. Please don't feel afraid to have this discussion. I will tell you this in the first session and periodically throughout our work together.

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What our members say about
Jennifer Kowalski


Jan 18, 2024

Jennifer s brilliant - very kind, upbeat and understanding


Dec 21, 2023

Jennifer Kowalski rocks!


Dec 14, 2023

Jennifer Kowalski has been a true partner throughout my journey. She listens to me, and offers suggestions and recommendations that push me forward without making action items mandatory. She strongly believes in my being kind to myself. Working with Jennifer has been a tremendous value to me.


Nov 22, 2023

Therapy is going spectacular in a bunch of different ways. For example, I am finding new ways to deal with my problems!


Oct 27, 2023

Jennifer has been instrumental in my OCD healing journey. I’m grateful for her knowledge and expertise. She is the first therapist to really validate my experiences, making it such a safe and comfortable environment to work through ERP and everything else that OCD stirs up. Really blessed to have found NOCD and receive her help!


Oct 17, 2023

Jennifer is an incredible therapist with unique skills which have allowed me to progress way faster and find solutions to my OCD. She is a very talented OCD provider.


Oct 03, 2023

I have been in therapy over the years and never got anywhere. Jennifer has given me so many tools and has helped me in many ways already.


Sep 26, 2023

Once again, Jennifer helped me understand my ocd and other challenges. Sooo happy to b working with her.


Sep 19, 2023

Jennifer is a remarkable therapist and has helped so much in 2 sessions ❤️


Sep 12, 2023

Jennifer exceeded my expectations and my experience was remarkable. She is kind, easy to talk to and quite thorough. I am on the road to recovery in her care. I am so grateful 🙏


Aug 24, 2023

She was great

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