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OCD therapist James Agyei, Licensed Therapist, Ph.D., LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

James Agyei

Licensed Therapist, Ph.D., LCSW


My approach to treating OCD is to work together with the client to develop and implement a treatment plan that is tailored to their individual needs and goals. I believe that the client is the expert on their own experiences and that my role is to support and guide them on their journey of recovery. Outside of work, I enjoy playing and coaching soccer. I also like traveling and trying different foods.

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OCD is a real and treatable disorder, and people with OCD shouldn't have to feel ashamed or embarrassed by their symptoms.

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My desire to help others drove me to this field. I was the friend everyone wanted to talk to when they had problems. I listened to them, and with time, I realized this was what I wanted to do. I'm passionate about helping people improve their mental and emotional well-being. I enjoy seeing people grow and change, and it's rewarding to see someone overcome a challenge.

I have worked in several settings (inpatient and outpatient) and with different disorders. OCD is a common disorder that is often misdiagnosed. I enjoy learning about the different ways OCD can affect people's lives, and I'm committed to helping each of my members find the best treatment for their individual needs.

I treat anxiety and depression as well as OCD. About three-quarters of people with OCD also have anxiety-related disorders. Many also have other comorbid disorders such as depression. People with OCD may develop anxiety or depression in response to the distress and impairment caused by their OCD symptoms. It's important to treat all of a person's comorbid disorders to achieve the best possible outcome.

OCD is a real and treatable disorder, and people with OCD shouldn't have to feel ashamed or embarrassed by their symptoms. Help is available, and you are not alone.

Know that I'm committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality. I will only share your information with others with your express consent.

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North Carolina

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James Agyei


Jan 19, 2024

Starting to understand and identify negative thought patterns. Enjoy my sessions with James. He is thoughtful and extremely informative. He isn’t reluctant to change my therapy focus to meet my needs.

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