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OCD therapist Lulu Skafi, Licensed Therapist, LCSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Lulu Skafi


Licensed Therapist, LCSW

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Acceptance is at the core of the work that I do. With OCD, you may feel a lot of fear, worry, and anxiety about the particular struggle you happen to be having. I will help you learn how to sit in that space. As a therapist, I am genuine and trustworthy—we can do this together. A fun fact about me: I have lived in two different ancient lands: Jerusalem and Egypt.

This may be an up-and-down journey, but I will be there for you. Even if you don't fully believe in yourself, or if you feel like this isn't working, I'm going to be there.

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What our members say about
Lulu Skafi


May 22, 2023

Lulu rocks!


May 15, 2023

Love love love Lulu—she’s awesome and I’m very hopeful!


May 11, 2023

I’m very grateful for Lulu. She has helped me get through quite a bit since we started working together. I leave our sessions feeling heard and understood. I’ve learned such valuable ERP techniques that I’ve been able to apply in my daily life. She’s very easy to talk to, nonjudgmental, and empathetic. Highly recommended!


May 09, 2023

I’m not being dramatic. Lulu Safki and ERP has saved my life. There were dark moments when I didn’t want to live anymore because the OCD voices were too much to bear. It was nonstop, 24/7, invasive thoughts that left me anxious, spiraling daily, depressed. I’ve been working consistently with Lulu since end of Sept 2022 where I saw her twice a week, every week. Since last month I have tapered to just once a week every week because I started noticing change. Lulu has this balance of compassion, kindness, humor and thoughtfulness that works well for me. She also is able to take the thoughts in my head and translate them into something I can fully grasp and understand….I’ve had so many “a-ha!!” moments with Lulu. She’s given me this lens to see things in a whole new light. With Lulu, we’ve also uncovered different OCD themes I have been subconsciously dealing with. Never have I ever experienced therapy quite like this. Stay consistent, do the work. OCD never fully goes away but with ERP and a good therapist you’ll find a way to live fully and lean into uncertainty even when it’s scary.


Mar 15, 2023

Lulu is amazing!


Mar 15, 2023

I feel that Lulu truly understands what I’m going through and offers incredibly insightful and nuanced guidance. She holds me accountable while allowing space for me to vent about my frustrations and difficulties with this disorder. She’s also genuinely invested in my well-being and is happy to celebrate my little wins. It’s amazing to see tangible improvements and feel like OCD’s grasp on my life is loosening….I wholeheartedly believe that I wouldn’t have made this much progress if not for Lulu’s compassionate wisdom. I’m so grateful to have her as an ally!


Mar 11, 2023

I feel so safe, heard and really enjoy all my sessions with Lulu. She is truly amazing and I have made so much progress since we first started working together. Can’t praise her enough!!


Feb 28, 2023

Words can not express how much my therapist (Lulu) has supported me and how grateful I am to have found her. Lulu's therapeutic and humanistic approach is all encompassing. Lulu's knowledge of OCD treatment is extremely visible and what makes Lulu's therapeutic practice great is her ability to adjust to patients needs.


Feb 08, 2023

Lulu really 'sees' me


Dec 29, 2022

I love working with Lulu! She’s an amazing therapist and I come away from each session feeling heard. Each session is very productive and I appreciate her empathy.

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