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OCD therapist Tiffany Merritt, Licensed Therapist, LMHC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Tiffany Merritt


Licensed Therapist, LMHC

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I always knew that I wanted to work with people, to help them address what troubles them. I’ve been treating OCD for the past 5 years, helping people ages 7 to 35 overcome even the most severe and debilitating mental health challenges. I embrace a person-centered approach, which means that I take in what you share with me and use your strengths to overcome what you're personally going through. I’ll challenge you to confront your fears, so you work through the discomfort rather than dance around it. Through trust and openness you’ll become empowered and able to manage OCD on your own. Let’s work together to create a better life for you where OCD is no longer in control.

I just want to acknowledge how brave you are for taking this first step and let you know that I am going to be here to support you through this process together!

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New York

What our members say about
Tiffany Merritt


Feb 07, 2023

Tiffany provides a supportive and insightful to approve to therapy. She holds me accountable and helps me with my goals. She is always sending me material to help me along my journey.


Feb 02, 2023

Tiffany is the best ! I’ve never felt more comfortable in therapy


Jan 03, 2023

Tiffany is really don’t to earth and I feel comfortable being myself with her. She’s extremely helpful and understanding


Dec 15, 2022

The best


Dec 08, 2022

Tiffany helped me to overcome a multitude of obsessive compulsive thoughts and tendencies over the time that we practiced ERP. I have a substantial decrease and symptoms and feel that I have a significantly higher quality of life after our sessions.


Nov 22, 2022

It was nice to see my progress today, and for my therapist to help me see the strides I am making. It was also helpful to plan some bigger exposures, and I got constructive feedback for my concerns.


Nov 17, 2022

Love this therapist.


Nov 16, 2022

Tiffany has given me assistance in identifying my sneaky compulsions and given me the skills to start to build my confidence in identifying and pushing back against my ocd. I trust her and feel accomplished in small victories so far.


Oct 26, 2022

Tiffany is incredible, she has an endless amount of concrete strategies and I’m stunned by their efficacy. And I’ve tried ERP before, she has a gift.


Oct 13, 2022

I left the session feeling more in control of my OCD and excited for future progress.


Sep 30, 2022

Tiffany is empathetic throughout our sessions. I feel comfortable talking to her. It is easy to tell that she truly cares about her clients


Sep 13, 2022

She is the best therapist that I have known . Excellent and professional


Aug 23, 2022

Trying to find a therapist during these times is so challenging. My journey to find a therapist for my 9 year old daughter took almost a year. When we met Tiffany it was like a weight had been lifted off of me. Tiffany was so calm, kind and understanding with my daughter. Tiffany found creative ways to get her to identify what she was going through and also made things fun and engaging - even being it is virtual my daughter felt connected. She made her felt completely at ease and comfortable talking with her and opening up. I have seen her make excellent progress since seeing Tiffany and am forever grateful we found her!!


Aug 20, 2022

Learning more and more about how to do ERP in ways that work for me


Aug 19, 2022

Was my son’s first session with Tiffany and she was awesome, very knowledgeable and very professional. My son likes her and he was happy because Tiffany was trying smoothly to get more information about his thoughts .


Aug 17, 2022

Tiffany is great at helping me realize what thoughts are OCD, and giving me the confidence to accept uncertainty!!


Aug 16, 2022

The degree to which Tiffany helped me is astounding. She gave me the tools to deal with my OCD and completely turn my life around. I am so grateful!!


Aug 12, 2022

Tiffany is an exceptional therapist. She makes me feel heard and gives me personalized concrete tools that have helped me tremendously. I never thought I’d be able to pull myself out of the hole that is OCD and she’s given me hope.


Aug 11, 2022

Definitely built my confidence that I could focus on the present and not the ruminations and ocd


Jul 08, 2022

Tiffany helped me realize where OCD was present in places I didn’t realize, and helped me deal with it and make a plan. I feel more hopeful about my job search (the trigger) than I have in a long time!


Apr 13, 2022

I come away from each session feeling reinvigorated and re-energized with ideas for new challenges to keep us on our path.


Apr 11, 2022

Love Tiffany at NOCD she is the real deal. She gets it.


Apr 06, 2022

I am so grateful for the work we are doing with Tiffany. She’s continually working to engage with my daughter, and patiently and clearly coaching my husband and me along the way.


Mar 25, 2022

Tiffany is an amazing therapist and you can tell how much she really cares about her patients after just the first session. She is very patient and kind on my bad days, and challenges me on the good ones to practice my EPR and resist my compulsion. I would highly recommend her to anyone in need, and I am glad to have such great support!


Mar 17, 2022

I feel like the hill is steep but I also feel like I have support and guidance and helping our child.


Mar 09, 2022

I feel like we have the beginnings of a plan. My therapist was obviously energized and full of ideas and ready to get to work and I was so hungry for all of her information.


Mar 03, 2022

Just getting started and feeling hopeful!


Jan 12, 2022

Love this therapist. Highly energetic

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