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OCD therapist Tania Patrizio, Licensed Therapist, LICSW, Licensed OCD Therapist

Tania Patrizio


Licensed Therapist, LICSW


In therapy, we're a team. While I'm an expert in OCD, one of my favorite concepts in treatment is that you're the expert in you. I share information so you develop that expertise in yourself, so it has lifelong value. Outside of work, I love birdwatching—I have several bird feeders—dogs, and cooking. I lived in California for 19 years, and my sister and I had our own little catering company for Hollywood productions.

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With NOCD, you're in very good hands. You are respected. You're the expert. There's so much great support across the board, and there are a lot of evidence-based treatments. We're going to have lots of discussions about treatment planning, revising, and fine-detailing it along the way.

Get to know Tania Patrizio

I was meant to be a therapist. I took a psychology course in college and just had such a passion for it that I pursued a degree. It's just something that just felt right.

OCD therapy is a good fit for my personality. It's focused on accepting things for what they are and living with uncertainty. It's about having difficult conversations. I've worked in a number of sensitive professional situations; there's no difficult conversation I haven't had.

Trauma, especially childhood trauma. For several years, I worked in the realm of child protective services, foster care, and adoption. I worked in Indian Child Welfare and with commercially sexually exploited children. As an adoption worker, I worked with military personnel from Camp Pendleton doing extensive home studies, talking with them about PTSD from military life, and how they planned to manage that while adopting a child.

You're in very good hands. You are respected. You're the expert. There's so much great support across the board, and there are a lot of evidence-based treatments. It's important to have good communication with me. Know that we're going to have discussions on when it's time to move up the hierarchy, and when it's time to back down. We're going to have lots of discussions about treatment planning, revising, and fine-detailing it along the way.

It's hard to share your thoughts with a stranger; I can respect that. If your intent is to get better, part of that process is to share. I'd ask, what can I do to make you more comfortable? How can we begin the conversation in a slow, steady way, so we can let discomfort dissipate on its own and work toward more open, fluid conversations?

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What our members say about
Tania Patrizio


Nov 15, 2023

Tania is amazing - i couldnt have asked for a better therapist. she is attentive, super kind and a pleasure to speak with. I feel heard and supported. thank you Tania - you are the best !!!


Oct 22, 2023

Tania is the best OCD therapist I’ve had by far. That includes PhDs at McLean, the world leader in OCD treatment.


Sep 29, 2023

Technology was a huge issue she did well considering


Aug 08, 2023



Jul 19, 2023

Tania is professional and so knowledgeable. She is the BEST


May 31, 2023

Very patient and positive dealing with resistance and avoidance


May 17, 2023

Tania is amazing and so good with kids!


Mar 28, 2023

Appreciate it.


Mar 07, 2023

Tania is amazing. Truly cares and understands my daughter


Jan 10, 2023



Jun 27, 2022

I found the ramp up to the therapy to be excellent. Clear and consistent. When I reflect on it now it makes sense that the founder has OCD himself. The whole process was extremely organized including the point person who I spoke with that could answer any questions. However the description of my therapist, was quite misleading. They said she had decades of experience with OCD and when I met with her I discovered that this was not actually true. She had only worked with a recent client which brought her to this website. I found her to be lovely and kind but not very professional, or seasoned. She described the treatment as “all in” and came across as very formulic and inexperienced. I have since sought help with someone who is an actual seasoned OCD therapist and the contrast is considerable. I feel like an NOCD is very gimmicky and I wonder about the actual credentials of the therapist themselves. I would advise anyone who uses this to look at the credentials and years of experience before investing time or money. OCD requires someone who has training and education, not some formulaic way of using a guidebook without understanding the person in front of them. I would not suggest NOCD for this reason. The expert I waited to see was actually no expert at all, it felt like a sales program and not one based on incorporating the needs of the patient by incorporating other theories. The theory of NOCD is gold standard, but it’s also important to incorporate a clients needs- like ACT- all clients are unique, the execution and consideration of the type of OCD, the duration, and what might be incorporated for therapeutic success is equally important.


Mar 30, 2022

Thank You So Much. That was very helpful.

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