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OCD therapist Wendy Durant, Licensed Therapist, MED, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Wendy Durant

Licensed Therapist, MED, LPC


My therapeutic approach involves using ERP, an evidenced-based treatment approach to create a supportive, nonjudgmental, collaborative, didactic, therapeutic space to treat OCD. In addition to being a therapist supporting clients with OCD, I’m a wife, boy mom, and dog mom (I have three dogs: two toy poodles and a cocker spaniel). I love to travel and experience new cultures and places, spend time with my family and friends, and read. I am actively involved with my sorority and volunteer as a crisis counselor with LBGT+ youth.

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What our members say about
Wendy Durant


Feb 22, 2024

I finally feel like someone has heard/seen me and is giving me the tools I need to get my life back together again. Dr. Durant is absolutely spectacular in how she educates and guides through the sessions, she is very patient and attentive. I’m very grateful to have the opportunity to have her help me work through my OCD!


Jan 27, 2024

the steps are challenging but they are already helping a ton, and Wendy is very supportive!


Jan 16, 2024

Wendy is awesome!


Dec 14, 2023

Wendy is phenomenal. I feel so comfortable sharing in our sessions and her feedback is structured and on point. She is very supportive and I know that with her help I will be able to meet the challenges in front of me to recover!


Nov 09, 2023

Wendy has changed my life for the best. I’m so thankful to have found her!


Oct 21, 2023

Wendy is very intentional with her questions, non-judgemental, and most of all gets down to business to help me conquer OCD! I always leave our sessions feeling heard, seen, and empowered with practicals to approach intrusive thoughts I may have throughout my week.


Oct 15, 2023

Wendy is so kind and amazing at helping me understand my ocd better! :)


Sep 24, 2023

Dr Durant was clear about the process and gave me many opportunities to ask questions. She came across as knowledgeable about the treatment of OCD, nonjudgmental, and compassionate.


Sep 22, 2023

She was really kind and I could tell it was important to her that I felt comfortable! 🥹


Sep 01, 2023

Another Great session! I’m already fading to 1 session a week after about a month of therapy. I am so grateful to have a great therapist who provides such helpful tools, examples, and just overall care.


Aug 23, 2023

My session was great. After 4 sessions i am already seeing progress. I feel like ERP is really effective in helping decrease any intrusive thoughts and images, again after 4 sessions i have seen a huge decrease in images and thoughts and an increase in overall life!


Aug 16, 2023

She is very personable and makes me feel so comfortable.


Aug 15, 2023

Wendy is helping me incredible amounts. I can tell she really cares. Thank you for all you are doing Wendy!! 🌟 🤩


Aug 05, 2023

Wendy is incredible and I’m excited for the opportunity to continue working with her.

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