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Katie Belmore


Licensed Therapist, LMHC


As a therapist, my style is steady and gentle. Because I struggle with OCD myself, I understand that compulsions may be ingrained in your life and your thinking, and you can't just stop. It's not that simple. Therapy is hard work, but I think you'll find that the effort is worth the payoff. Outside of work, I'm a chocolate enthusiast, and I have a cat named Loki. He often shows up in sessions, and he's very sweet.

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I've struggled with depression and OCD myself, and I know that having someone there to help—encouraging you and showing you that there's hope—is really important.

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I've struggled with depression and OCD myself. My main symptoms were scrupulosity, moral concerns, and contamination. I know how important it was for me to have others be there for me during that dark time.

Because of my own struggle, I know it's important to have someone there. Just knowing there was someone there to help—encouraging me and showing me that there was hope—was really important. It's really exciting to see people break free of OCD's power over them. It's just awesome.

I am particularly experienced with anxiety and depression. I was attracted to those areas because of my own depression, and because anxiety is very prevalent in society, as is OCD. I'm glad I've been able to work with so many people who have those conditions.

This is not just talk therapy. Hard work is required, but I think you'll find the effort is worth the payoff. ERP is very effective. You're confronting what you're afraid of and learning that it doesn't need to be accompanied by so much anxiety, guilt, and cycles of compulsions.

Know that I've heard lots of different things, and I understand OCD in a way that others without it may not be able to. OCD often attacks things that are most valuable to us. So if it's attacking something in a way that seems taboo and difficult to share, it's probably because that’s something that’s especially valuable to you.

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Katie Belmore


Feb 20, 2023

Katie is a wonderful therapist, she helps me deal with my anxiety and depression with actionable plans and helpful tools.


Feb 07, 2023

Katie understands me.


Feb 01, 2023

Katie is great!


Jan 13, 2023

Katie is wonderful


Dec 16, 2022

Katie was wonderful as usual!

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