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OCD therapist Imani White, Licensed Therapist, LPCC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Imani White

Licensed Therapist, LPCC


I believe that everyone has a unique story and journey. I am collaborative by nature, and that's how I approach therapy. I love spending time with people, learning their life stories and dreams, and helping them to move toward the life they desire. When I'm not doing therapy, I love learning about other cultures, musical theater, anime, watching sermons, and traveling.

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Take a breath, and step into the experience of OCD therapy. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone. In the midst of the hard work, you will discover that life can be lived with freedom from intrusive thoughts.

Get to know Imani White

I have always loved listening to people and helping them. I discovered dance/movement therapy when I was helping people connect with each other through dance. As I met more people and learned about their challenges and dreams, I wanted to continue helping people live their lives authentically and with joy. It was not my intention to become a therapist at first. It came from loving people and wanting to provide them with the best support and care along their life journey.

I always want to support the people I work with in therapy. I've seen people challenged by OCD for a while. My ability to specialize in OCD means helping more people live the life they want.

I have a background in dance/movement therapy and experience working with individuals with eating disorders. A guide for my work and focus is 'See a need, fill a need.' Whenever I have seen people struggling with something, I seek out more information to be able to provide them with the best care and support.

Take a breath, and step into the experience. You will be pushed outside of your comfort zone. In the midst of the hard work, you will discover that life can be lived with freedom from the thoughts that detract from your day-to-day experience.

Although it can be scary to share thoughts, the way that you heal and grow is by talking about them. I'm here to support your journey, and I want to help.

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Imani White


Apr 08, 2023

Imani was very kind and listened to not only my symptoms but my previous issues with therapy. Looking forward to actually giving therapy a real shot.

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