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OCD therapist Robert Williamson, Licensed Therapist, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Robert Williamson


Licensed Therapist, LPC


It's very rewarding, as a therapist, to see people consistently make progress.I received counseling when I was very young and believe that helped change the course of my life. Now as an OCD specialist, I've been told that I have a warm personality, and can put people at ease.

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I have OCD myself. I try to be very transparent with people and let them know as much as I can about the processes involved in OCD perpetuating itself. The more you know about it, the easier it is to motivate yourself to break that cycle.

Get to know Robert Williamson

I received counseling when I was very young. I believe that helped change the course of my life in a way that allowed me to become the person I wanted to be. I wanted to try and be that person for someone else.

I was diagnosed with OCD. I engaged in rumination—thinking about worries for hours on end—and counting. I experienced the pain of OCD, and I experienced the relief of a diagnosis. Knowing that other people experience something like what I went through made me want to specialize. And it's very rewarding, as a therapist, to see people consistently make progress. OCD is very receptive to ERP therapy.

I have extensive experience working with anger and grief. In general, mood regulation is something I'm very good at working with. Mood regulation is something that I think a lot of people struggle with, even people who don't have a diagnosis. It's a core skill that can feel almost impossible to build up when you're on your own. But when you're given the tools for it, it's pretty responsive—just like OCD. In addition to working with people with OCD, I also specialize in grief and family work gaining experience at a children's bereavement center. I’ve done mental health crisis assessments, and worked at Jewish family services focused on underprivileged families. In terms of grief, I've experienced a lot of loss in my life. I noticed that, at least where I am in Texas, there's a real lack of male counselors in that specialty. People have different gender preferences for the counselors they want to work with, and I thought it was important to fill that gap. I've worked with all different age groups. I'm comfortable working with youth as well.

ERP is highly effective, highly reliable. It doesn't just work well for some people—it works very well for a great many people. And this is not just numbers on paper to me. I've been through it, and I've seen members go through it over and over. If you show up and do the work, you will almost certainly see progress. Some people may see a small rise in anxiety in the first few weeks. This is common. You shouldn't interpret it as 'this is the wrong treatment for me,' or 'this is making it worse.' It is just part of the process.

Maybe we can start with whatever you are comfortable sharing. If you have intrusive thoughts about self-harm that you're not ready to share, but you have some intrusive thoughts about contamination that you are ready to share, let's start with those. And then, when you see how that plays out, you'll probably feel more ready to share the other thoughts. I try to be very transparent with people and let them know as much as I can—and as much as they want to know—about the processes involved in OCD perpetuating itself. I believe that the more you know about it, the easier it is to motivate yourself to break that cycle. It's like if you're peering into a murky pond: if you don't really know what's going on in there, it feels scary. But if you can see almost everything that’s happening, it's a lot easier to find the motivation to do the scary things.

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What our members say about
Robert Williamson


Jan 25, 2024

NOCD has been a life changer. The ability to do tele-therapy has been a game changer. My therapist has the expertise and skills that have made a significant impact on me. But, the WORK is mine to do. If I don't practice and do the homework, it doesn't matter how good my therapist is. There is hope. Your brain will respond. What if it doesn't??? Maybe it will, maybe it won't. The NOCD formula is effective. I appreciate the customer service, the technical help. Responsive and friendly. I wish I had discovered this service in my youth, but am overjoyed to have access to it now. It is making a difference in my life and the life of my wife and kids whom all are in therapy with NOCD.


Jan 09, 2024

What Robert did to help me overcome my OCD is nothing short of a miracle. He gave me the tools I needed to regain control of my life and be truly happy again. Words will never do him justice, but they'll have to do for now... I can't recommend him enough. P.S. He's also an extremely kind and approachable dude. Really easy to talk to and feel safe around.


Jan 03, 2024

Robert has helped me so much!


Oct 27, 2023

This Therapy process is lifechanging. All of my immediate family are being treated on NOCD and our family team is starting to help each other remember tools, spot, and cheer each other on for doing the hard work. KRJ


Oct 11, 2023

Robert has helped me face my OCD in the past few months. When I started I didn’t know how different I could feel or how far I could come. He helped me understand what I was dealing with and guided me through the recovery process every step of the way. I am very thankful for him and where I am today.


Sep 26, 2023

Robert has been fantastic in helping me battle my ocd and I cannot recommend him enough


Sep 26, 2023

Always knows how navigate my stressors and effectively diminish them with positive exercises.


Sep 20, 2023

When I first came to NOCD, I felt much uncertainty about what was to come. Opening up about OCD has never been easy, and I was only beginning to come to terms with the many ways my compulsions had negatively affected my life. It was challenging enough explaining OCD to my own friends and family. How was I to open up to a complete stranger? From the moment I met Robert, these doubts and fears were soon put to rest. Robert is knowledgeable in many various types of OCD. He shied away from nothing, and there seemed to be no challenge too great for him. From compulsive checking, obsessive worrying about contamination, imagining disturbing scenarios of being severely harmed or doing harm to others, compulsions with symmetry, even uncontrollable ticks brought on by anxiety (not typically seen as an OCD trait), Robert was willing to help with whatever I threw at him. He has the mindfulness of a monk, the empathy of a best friend, and the patience of a professional caregiver. He is careful to not make you too uncomfortable and is open to any questions or concerns you might have. These traits were consistent in every session that I had with him. Even the few times when he did not know an answer to a certain question, he always found the answer and presented it in another session. Thanks to him, I now have the tools needed to continue improving like never before. In short, I could not have asked for a better therapist.


Sep 18, 2023

Robert helped me get to a point where I finally felt free from my thoughts after battling with this thing for 2 years. I just finished my last session with him and with the tools that he's given me to practice and maintain I'm excited to live my life again. I can't thank you enough man 🙏🏿


Sep 07, 2023

Has been consistent in guiding me through understanding my OCD and triggers.


Sep 01, 2023

I sound like a broken record, but Robert is truly the best😊


Aug 29, 2023

Robert, did a great job trying to keep me on task for the time allotted. Appreciated him listening and providing feedback and getting through the policy questions etc. Well done, looking forward to next appt.


Aug 28, 2023

My counselor showed compassion and understanding when I presented exhausted and just recovering from a physical illness, and suggested cutting our visit down to 30 minutes from 45 mintes, which I readily agreed to do.


Aug 24, 2023

Robert is a great therapist


Aug 22, 2023

Rob helped me with some fears that paralyzed me from being able to get around in my life and that’s been helping me enjoy and help bring ease to my life further.


Aug 22, 2023

I've struggled with OCD my whole life and have tried traditional therapy off and on. Medication helped mask the symptoms but it would still get really bad. My APRN suggested this website and I finally decided I had to try it. Opening up was the hardest part, but my therapist Robert made me feel comfortable enough to share my most guarded thoughts. After only a few weeks I started to get better, and now I'm finished only a few months later! I wish I would've done this treatment years ago, but I'm so glad that I finally did.


Aug 09, 2023

Robert was awesome! I've had a couple of different therapists on my journey and Robert was exceptionally awesome. Compassionate, encouraging and engaging. He met me where I was at intake and coached me to where I needed to be. When I would slip up, he encouraged me with care to get back on track. The NOCD program is awesome, affordable and convenient. Thanks!


Aug 04, 2023

Robert is most assuredly the cream of the crop😊


Jul 20, 2023

This program has helped me so much. My therapist really listens and understands my struggles with ocd and anxiety. My ERP has helped me to live my best life.


Jul 20, 2023

Robert is very knowledgeable and seems to care greatly about patient success. He has taught me a multitude of techniques that have helped me gain perspective and make progress with my OCD over the past several months.


Jul 17, 2023

I had worked my way into anxious thinking and repetitive thoughts about certain situations that would cause me to outright avoid going in public or around people. I stayed exhausted and stressed out daily. The exposure treatments helped me to see things differently and I have pulled myself out of a several year rut that was ruining my life and my ability to press forward. I am no longer a prisoner to my thoughts and am now living my life again. This is great program and I recommend to anyone struggling with the symptoms of OCD.


Jul 17, 2023

I made the decision to start therapy a few months ago and I am so happy I did! Robert was great at helping me feel comfortable and did amazing at explaining OCD in great detail. I feel educated and empowered with the tools I now have at my disposal. Our exposure and response sessions were by far the most helpful! I am now learning to live inquisitively so I am not powering up my OCD. Thank you!!!!


Jul 17, 2023

Robert is very patient with my son and helps him get his thoughts out of his head so we can work toward better expressions of his OCD and feelings.


Jul 14, 2023

My therapist paired well with me to meet when it is convenient


Jun 20, 2023

I feel very optimistic that my therapist will help me.


Jun 08, 2023

Robert is the best, bar none


Jun 02, 2023

My only regret is not starting therapy sooner. before I started, OCD controlled my life, and I even missed my first session because of nerves, but Robert was very understanding and I never felt any judgment from him, which was my biggest fear. I know it's cheesy but this program changed my life and I'm so glad I got help. You don't need to be alone and no matter what thoughts you've had I am certain they have been had by many others as well


May 09, 2023

Robert is the best 😊


May 08, 2023

Robert is just awesome!! He is very patient with my hyperactive pre-teen. He has helped a lot. So much that my child doesn’t remember his struggles before!!!!!


May 01, 2023

It was great he also has OCD and can empathize


May 01, 2023

I can’t say it enough. He’s super understanding and always willing to let you see it in a more simple way to help you better understand it.


Apr 18, 2023

Robert is the best, bar none


Apr 13, 2023

My therapist understood exactly what I was saying and described. I felt heard for probably the first time ever it seemed. His description of what is going on with my thoughts brought me a sense of peace. I could relate to his description and look forward to taking this head on.


Apr 11, 2023

He is explaining things very well to me. He's educating me about the process of exposure response prevention. And I am learning the process.


Apr 11, 2023

Amazing therapist. He understood me and explained things very clearly. He satisfied my curiosity and heard everything I had to hear.


Apr 10, 2023

Rob has tried to understand and help me to have a more beneficial view for me and managing my OCD.


Mar 27, 2023

Today I felt so understood! I always do but today was different. I thank god for giving me a good therapist who you can feel is giving it their all!!


Mar 24, 2023

Robert has given me so many great tools to help my child! He is very patient and great with my very hyperactive child:) I feel a sense of increased hope for my son’s success in school and life!


Mar 23, 2023

I am intimidated by the work but looking forward to the results.


Mar 07, 2023

It was a month since I went to therapy and after that month, my first and second session have been uplifting. Glory to god for having a good therapist.


Feb 28, 2023

I've seen Robert for about 7 months and the difference our sessions have made is night and day. I think one of the strengths Robert has is he's able to truly empathize with his patients having OCD himself. Robert was able to give me practical tools to allow me to push back against my OCD.


Feb 27, 2023

Good session! I feel that I am progressing in dealing with my intrusive thoughts despite recent stressful events.


Feb 16, 2023

This was not my first session with my therapist.


Feb 10, 2023

He is a great listener and very understanding. He helped me to understand that OCD is manageable with the right tools.


Feb 06, 2023

When I came to Robert back in August of 2022, I was in a very bad place with my OCD. I was terrified daily and had missed a week of work recently before due to an episode. Robert helped properly diagnose me, and put a name to the monster I was dealing with. There were times during ERP where I walked away nauseas because of the intensity of the thoughts I was dealing with, but today I terminated treatment after stepping back to monthly visits for the last two months. I almost forgot about my visit today because that’s how confident I feel about managing my OCD now. Robert is extremely professional, and understanding but never reassures you, just like he is supposed to! He has OCD himself as you will see here on his profile, so he’s coming from a shared experience and that’s extremely comforting. My life if forever changed because of him and I couldn’t be more thankful. Thank you, Robert!


Feb 06, 2023

My experience with NOCD was amazing all the way around! The technology/app is very user friendly. My therapist (Robert) was extremely knowledgable concerning OCD and stress it causes. I not only felt he understood OCD clinically but also that he could relate personally. He was gracious, yet straightforward concerning my particular OCD challenges and what I needed to incorporate into my life so that OCD no longer controlled my life.


Jan 31, 2023

Robert was a wonderful counselor for my son. He was always caring and knowledgeable. I would recommend him to anyone seeking help for OCD.


Jan 27, 2023

Robert is a very skilled clinician.


Jan 19, 2023

Robert has been the best therapist I could have asked for. It has been already 10 months since we started therapy for a Pure-O kind of OCD and I can happily say that it has declined tremendously to almost being non-existent after really hard work with ERP and an insightful guide from him. I want to thank Robert and NOCD for providing support for the draining condition that OCD can be when it is extremely difficult to find it somewhere else. Appreciate your help from the bottom of my heart, Robert!!!!!


Jan 12, 2023

Robert is the best, bar none?


Dec 12, 2022

Robert of the type of therapist you want when looking for a there here at NOCD!


Dec 09, 2022

My therapist is great, he has been super patient and takes the time to explain everything to me in a clear way. I am already making improvements


Nov 18, 2022

I feel very joyful and happy.


Nov 08, 2022

I really felt that Robert was understanding my situation and had a plan for how to help me make improvements


Oct 03, 2022

Robert is always up to the challenge to get you back on your feet even at your lowest!


Aug 12, 2022

Robert was wonderful and professional. I felt comfortable right away.


Jul 29, 2022

Robert is very easy to talk and really explains difficult concepts in an understandable way.


Jul 14, 2022

Robert has a genuine interest in helping the patient and does his best in trying to get to what is most beneficial for them


May 24, 2022

Very nice staffing and therapist


May 13, 2022

Robert has a genuine interest in the patient; he’s knowledgeable and has a clear vision on how he can help tackle the disorder depending on the kind of OCD you have. He’s definitely helping get my life back.


Apr 01, 2022

Awesome dude and he is really helping me a lot to think i was suicidal a week ago and now i feel like i can live again there is still a lot of work to be done but now i see a better future for me


Mar 10, 2022

I am so excited to be on this journey to feeling better!


Jan 04, 2022

I am so optimistic about this!

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