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OCD therapist Kimberly Parra, Licensed Therapist, MA, LPC, Licensed OCD Therapist

Kimberly Parra


Licensed Therapist, MA, LPC


My approach to treating OCD focuses on building a collaborative relationship, so we have a solid foundation of honesty, trust, and respect as we explore the experiences that bring you to therapy. OCD can be tricky and sticky in thought. My hope is to provide a safe, supportive atmosphere where you feel open to sharing. When I'm not assisting others on their journey to healing, I like to spend time in nature with my family and my two dogs. I enjoy traveling to sites where exploration and adventure are possible. I really enjoy traveling overseas to visit family or go to places I've never been.

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Please know that everyone at NOCD wants the best for you and is dedicated to providing the best service.

Get to know Kimberly Parra

From an early age, I had an interest in working with children and their families. Born into a large family, I was middle child and often my mother's helper. As a teen and young adult, I worked alongside mothers in the community in the care of their young children and provided childcare when the parents worked or traveled. In college, I studied child psychology and education before pursuing a career in teaching. Working in the classroom, I was drawn to children who were troubled, disruptive, and struggled with learning; I noticed my focus turning to helping students feel safe and connected, so they could learn and make friends. Through these experiences, I realized my calling was to become a therapist.

After years of working with patients in recovery from trauma, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders, I realized how prominent OCD is and how important it is that effective treatment is available. With the introduction of appropriate and effective treatment, the recovery process can become far more hopeful and possible.

Trauma, anxiety, depression, relational trauma, attachment disorders, and eating disorders.

As a new member in the NOCD community, first take a moment to breathe. You did it! Reaching out when life becomes overwhelming takes courage and strength. Please know that everyone at NOCD wants the best for you and is dedicated to providing the best service.

If you're feeling uncertain or afraid to share your thoughts with me, that's understandable. It can be hard to be open with someone new. Please know I will attempt to create a safe, supportive environment while you're working with me.

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