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OCD therapist Tim Flaharty, Licensed Therapist, LPCC  , Licensed OCD Therapist

Tim Flaharty

Licensed Therapist, LPCC


As a therapist, the first big piece I work on is developing a connection with the person I'm working with, so we can establish trust. I take time to learn about you—the story of who you are, how you've gotten to where you are now, and what you want for the future. From there, we start looking into more of the techniques that will sever the connection between the things you're doing that aren't helping you and your anxiety. A fun fact about me: I have an undergraduate degree in theater, which is something I've always been interested in.

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OCD therapy isn't always a clear, step-by-step process. There's going to be a phase of us getting to know each other. From there, we'll get into the techniques that will start building upon themselves. Then improvement happens—usually quite quickly!

Get to know Tim Flaharty

I've always been really interested in talking to people and getting to know them, learning how different people view the world, and getting to see how different people tell the story of their life and how they came to be where they're at.

I like to explore that storytelling piece—what the story is behind that, how it began, how it continues, how it's serving people now.

In addition to depression and anxiety, I have quite a bit of experience treating people with addiction. I worked in a hospital for a while, so I've seen more serious conditions, such as bipolar and schizophrenia, as well.

It's not always going to be this very clear, step-by-step process where you're just going to see immediate results. There's going to be a phase of us getting to know each other, you're getting to feel like you can trust me. From there, we'll get into the techniques that will start building upon themselves. Then improvement should happen—usually quite quickly!

If you don't feel comfortable sharing with me, can you write it down? Even if that means you write it down and throw it away, that's okay—you're starting to open up to the process. You've got this thing that you're holding onto; getting it out in some form will help. Eventually, you can tell me about it.

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What our members say about
Tim Flaharty


Feb 05, 2024

Tim is very professional and very helpful. My therapy has really helped me.


Jan 11, 2024

More spaces of calm in between my chaos since starting with Tim


Dec 28, 2023

I believe I’m doing well and as hard as it can be to work through the trauma I’m very hopeful and grateful for my sessions with Tim.


Dec 18, 2023

Working with Tim has been life changing and I’m a firm believer in NOCD therapy. I really am glad this therapy exists and I’ve recommended my friends and family to it.


Nov 26, 2023

Didn’t find it helpful to be dismissed and pass along a list by another therapist. Therapy should be understanding and patience and perhaps a follow up to make sure the person asking for help is okay.


Oct 13, 2023

Tim has been my therapist for a year and he has helped me with my OCD.


Oct 13, 2023

Tim Flaharty is an exceptional therapist and we are so happy with the work he has done with our daughter.


Jul 20, 2023

I was a few months postpartum and my psychiatrist recommended I do therapy for my OCD. I was not hopeful at first and honestly not even halfway through until I started noticing a difference. Months later I realize my ocd has gone way down. Thanks to my therapist, Tim.


Jul 05, 2023

Tim established very good rapport with our son, who is 12 years old.


Nov 02, 2022

Tim is very kind, knowledgeable and patient. I know that he will be able to support my daughter.


Sep 02, 2022

Great engagement and thoughtful discussion

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